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Just a couple days ago, I felt like dusting off the ol' 360 and play around with it. As I turned on the console, it signed me on as offline. I wondered if I was either A) banned or B) Internet Problems.

So, it turned out to be Internet Problems, so I did the standard routine of restoring factory details, running XBL test, etc. etc. Well, this time It didn't work. So, I extensively went through each and every one of the console's "Recommended" procedures. The problem is that it "Can't obtain an IP address from your router or modem".

Restart modem/router...30 seconds...etc.

I've tried all the recommended steps, and I'm starting to draw the conclusion that it's internal damage, being that this rarely to never happens. My last resort to this problem is calling the 360 support line, of which I will be forwarded to some foreign person that's just going to run down the standardized list.

Please, if you can in any way shape or form, leave any suggestions or comments below.

Thank you very much!

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