360 Wireless Adapter

#1 Posted by UnlivedPhalanx (477 posts) -

I was thinking about getting one of these, has anyone had any notable problems that I should know about?

#2 Posted by giyanks22 (2680 posts) -

Nope. I have had one since Dec of 07, and have not had one problem. Just make sure you have wireless internet in your house. The only time my adapter doesn't work is when my internet goes out, but that's typical. Definitely get one. Xbox Live is worth every penny.

#3 Posted by SuperMuchBrown (77 posts) -

If you can find a way I would run a network cable to the 360 as the wireless adapter is a bit of a rip-off at 100 bucks.  but if you have to it works well.

#4 Posted by MAV3R1CK (125 posts) -

I have used the original wireless adapter back from the first Xbox and it has had no problems when I use it on my 360. The 360 wireless adapter should be a great fit for you if you need it.

#5 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -

No problems that I know of. Go out and get it now.

#6 Posted by HipHopHitler (58 posts) -

Pricey but worth it for the sheer lack of hassle involved.

#7 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

they work great, there are alternatives nearly all well known wireless bridges work with the 360 they are cheaper then the wireless adaptor but much bigger then it.

#8 Posted by Lilja (128 posts) -

It works well. But if you have a high speed connection you get the most out of it with a regular cable, and it's more stable that way.
But I haven't had any connection problems with it. The high price speaks for great quality.

#9 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

No problems. Just to put out there, I got mine half off at a K-Mart near launch day. How does that happen?

#10 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

Just bought one today since I also received my wireless access point. Hooked up, very simple, got a 15% discount because I work at GS, and uhh yea. MS always, well mostly always makes quality products. It also snaps right on the back so it not only look nice but it works great too.

#11 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3537 posts) -

buying a 50 ft eithernet cable is around $50 dollars cheaper.

#12 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -
Jolly_Lolly said:
"buying a 50 ft eithernet cable is around $50 dollars cheaper.

For people with multiple systems, the wireless adaptor is really nice. Obviously it depends if they just have a modem or are using a router, but cables can also get messy depending on placement of the systems in relation to the port. Right now I'm really enjoying my wireless connection for the 360, plugged my previous ethernet into my PS3 (does PS3 have wifi of some sort?). If you have a wireless network you can't go wrong with the wireless adapter, and if you are feeling extremely cheap GS sells a Pelican 3rd party adapter which I would personally never use. Retails for $70 I think, or $60.
#13 Posted by Peacemaker (1107 posts) -

As expensive as it is I've never had a problem with it.  I don't experience lag, and never drop connection. 

#14 Posted by Marconi88 (97 posts) -

  Even though using the an ethernet cable is better I still prefer to use the wireless adaptor due to the positioning of my room and systems. I would recommend that you buy an official Microsoft one or search for a really good 3rd party one, don't buy 3rd party from GS they are horrible.

#15 Posted by Johnman (26 posts) -

There might be one problem: if you have Verizon FiOS for your internet, the 360 wireless adapter will not connect with the FiOS wireless router. The adapter will only detect the router, but will be unable to connect with it. Other than that, the 360 wireless adapter should work very smoothly.

#16 Posted by UnlivedPhalanx (477 posts) -

Thanks guys, I am using a Time Capsule so the speed and latency won't be an issue. Since I am in a cramped dorm enviroment an Ethernet cable is not the best solution for me. Thank you to everyone who wrote in.

#17 Posted by kama64 (11 posts) -

I use the Linksys WGA600N, works great.

#18 Posted by Palaeomerus (355 posts) -

I'm currently using an older wireless bridge that used to hook my old dual G4 Mac to the wireless router.

#19 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

I use one, and its pretty damn good.  I thought I was going to get major lag, but I can't really tell that much difference between a cord and the adapter.

#20 Posted by Nibbz (203 posts) -

i have a ethernet cable running down the floor, through the wall into my 360. im too cheap to buy the adapter. plus I like the cord better. no dips in connection

#21 Posted by Pitta (185 posts) -

All the crap about hard wired is better for games is bullshit unless you have a shitty router....

That adapter works great with my DGL-4500... And we have 3 360's...

#22 Posted by Lev_Arris (102 posts) -

I really do enjoy the 360 Wireless Adapter it was really worth every penny.  So far I too had never had a problem with it.  I would get one.

#23 Posted by Met2609 (555 posts) -

It works, and if you don't have a wired connection, you kinda need one. The problem is, it's still too damn expensive! I can't believe I payed $100 for it!

So basically, just buy it and get it over with.

#24 Posted by Lev_Arris (102 posts) -

I agree with Met2609 the item is expensive.  I don't think you could find a good deal any where online in less it's a use item.

#25 Posted by first2die (135 posts) -

Hey some1 else has probably said this but i'll have a go. A lot of wireless device manufacturer's release what is known as a wireless bridge. If  you think the xbox wireless adapter is to expensive, you should have a look at a wireless bride, preferably from the manufacturer of your wireless router/access point. This wireless bridge connects to your wireless, than an ethernet cable connects to your xbox. Its not to hard to set up either. Note that you may need a spare power point so this must also go into consideration.

Cheers First2die

#26 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -

There is a way to make your 360 connect to your router without using the adapter.

#27 Posted by Getter3 (33 posts) -

I'm in the same boat. I'm thinking about getting the WiFi adapter, but it's absurdly pricey...especially considering PC usb adapters cost almost 70% less. I may just go with a really long CAT6. Dunno yet.

#28 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -

A lot of my friends use the 360 wireless adaptor and it has worked great for them.

#29 Posted by KiLL3r (98 posts) -

Bought one last year, no issues what so ever.

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