4000 MS Points

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@wolowizard: The best thing to do with MS points is scratch off that code and send to me in a PM. I will verify if it works.

Other than that, what kind of games are you into?

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You probably could've posted this in the 2,000 points thread...

You can rent movies / buy movies with the points through the Video store if that'd be more beneficial for you.

As for games, Trials 2, Motocross Madness, Minecraft, Full House Poker...

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There are quite a few 'greatest XBLA games'-threads on GB, just look at the games that are recommended in there. Or check Gamespot's XBLA games ratings, those are usually pretty spot on. There's a lot of awesome stuff on XBLA, 4000 points are gone in no time.

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This thread looks suspicious.

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