addicted to xbox (esp sacred 2) and loving it

#1 Posted by Tw1tch (11 posts) -

when i got my shiny new xbox i severly underestimated the pull it would have. first i was into tes oblivion(500+ hours),then it was skyrim(300+) next came tropico 4(300+) not to mention dragons dogma,gta iv(multiplayer) and a smattering of gears 1-3,mw3,and others

now i play sacred 2 fallen angel-an open world diablo clone which has the spirit of WoW being grind heavy and addictive- every day 12-16 hours a day with over 700 hours across dozens of toons and havent even leveled to the cap of 200 on a single one lol. i used to be 33 in the world but changing my GT wiped my toons from the leaderboard >.< so now im obssessed with being the best ( legit that is there are modders on the game sometimes). i swear i havent been addicted like this since the actual mmo days of my past.

#2 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

Sacred is an excellent game, glad to see someone else out their enjoyed it as thoroughly as I did.

#3 Posted by Cameron (619 posts) -

I own that version of Sacred 2 and it's pretty rough. It's not terrible, but I'm surprised you found 700 hours of game time in it.

#4 Posted by Tw1tch (11 posts) -

well its a niche game in which the online community is the main draw.ive met a few people just as hardcore as me who treat it like those on the pc version (who have months /played) with multiple lvl 200 toons and toons specificaly for finding rare items to support the others.

basically once you get into the harder modes (gold through niob) you meet the hardcore players and get sucked in. im on platinum which is the second hardest and now im in the grind heavy part or in full metal jacket slang «im in the shit»

the graphics are dated and the grind is between ffix,PSo and WoW level when you go for level caps and rare items and sets but its a good game if you fit the niche. my 2nd favorite behind tes oblivion(which i prefer over skyrim- yes my gaming tastes arent mainstream)

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