after 5.5 years a E74 error

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So finally my fear that my xbox would die on me, came true today. I bought it on December 2006, the xbox support page says the warranty expired on march 2009 and it costs CAD 125 (plus tax) to repair.

I am unsure what to do, specially since we are approaching the end of the cycle through probably have at least a couple more years. Looking at retailers I could buy a 4gb for 199 or a 250GB bundle (halo reach and fable 3) for 300. (my old one only had 10GB)

If I buy a new one instead of repairing it, is there a way to transfer the save files ?(even through the console wont start)

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@Nelander:You need to call Xbox customer support and they'll send a transfer cable to move stuff between HDD's

I did it when I went from a pro to an elite, first time they sent me a cable that didn't work, that was a major bummer

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cable wont help him if the original console wont start.

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As long as the harddrive (external) is working you're ok, some of the new Xbox -S come with a transfer cable that hooks up to the harddrive only and just transfers all the data to your new xbox (I think only a very few games saves will not copy) I think a cable on its own they cost about $9?

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They way these things tend to go they'll charge you just as much or more to repair it (read: throw it away and ship a refurb unit back to you) than to buy a new one. I may be wrong but I think at this point getting the files transferred onto a new drive would be super expensive too.

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If you have a friend that still has an old Xbox that works you can put your HDD on his and transfer the saves to a flash drive.

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A 4GB slim, a transfer cable and a 16GB USB drive is the way to go here. As long as your old drive isn't dead (and it very likely isn't) you'll be all set to go.

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The hard drive should work, I believe the failure is on the video chip. a couple of days ago while playing the screen became grainy, cant recall if I turn it on again after that before today or not.

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is there a significant performance hit for using a usb drive instead of the console HD? can you use it to save arcade games and dlc and running directly from there? do you need any special kind of usb or any 16GB will do?

After thinking about it, I am leaning toward getting a new console, the difference between the 4gb and repair is 75 cad. That gives me a new console, with an hdmi port (mine doesn't have one), built in wireless and I am guessing one new controller. I already had one of my original controller die on me so wouldn't surprise me if the other one doesnt last till the next gen.

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You lasted much longer than the most of us. Congrats! Also this totally sucks!

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Fire up the grill and sent that sucker out like a true Viking Warrior.

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@Nelander: The performance difference is minimal, so you should be good... I seem to remember hearing that there might be a few disc based games that don't like to install on the USB drive, but I'll be darned if I can remember where (there are a few games that just won't install period - but there are all older, I believe that Crackdown is one of them)...

I've found that the PNY Attache 16GB is cheap and the 360 likes it - the regular, I haven't tried the mini (micro?) and it's a lot more expensive...

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I'd suggest the 4GB and a USB thing now, and a bigger hard drive later.

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Exact same thing happened to me this weekend; I really hoped my 2007 360 would last one more year. Glad to see there was already a thread set up for this issue. Cheers and thanks for the advice!

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Thanks everyone, in a clear case of escalation of commitments, I decided that buying a new one made much more sense than repair to might as well buy the 250gb. in either case the transfer worked well and all my data was moved.

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