Amazon Deals for November 23rd, 2011

#1 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

As Amazon inches every so closer to Black Friday, we are given a few Family Friendly titles on special today.

Just Dance 3 is $29.99, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is $24.99, Tropico 4 is $19.99, and Minute To Win It is $24.99. Many other titles are on sale as well, such as select 2012 sports games for $47.

An Airflow controller, MadCatz amplified gaming headset, and various Kinect accessories round out todays deals. Also, don't forget about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack bundles are starting at $49.99 this week. The starter packs include the Skylanders game, portal base, and three character statues.

#2 Posted by RuthLoose (867 posts) -

@manicide I keep seeing your posts every day and it makes me wonder if you are, like us, a huge fan of Amazon or if you are one of the Amazon sales team.

That said, none of todays deals are "knocking my socks off"/"knocking my block off".

#3 Posted by MetalBaofu (1470 posts) -

Tropico 4 is sort of tempting. I really enjoyed playing 3. I probably won't grab it though. Gotta buy Skyrim and I'm trying to decide what I want to do about Skyward Sword.

#4 Edited by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Gonna be honest, I'm not wowed by any of those "deals."

#5 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

@RuthLoose: Eh, I write these posts up for, and just thought some people here might not be aware of what's going on. The weekly round-ups include every retailer I can find information for, but right now Amazon has been doing a few deals a day leading up to Black Friday.

It should chill out after Monday unless they do another 25-days of Christmas sale like last year.

#6 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5254 posts) -

Words cannot express how hard I've been fighting the urge to buy Skylanders this entire week. I don't have much money so I'm trying to hold off and see if they do anything big for any other games on my wishlist on Friday, but if they don't then Ima be all over this shit!

Also, Amazon has killed any reason I had for going to Gamestop this week. I was going to get in on the B2G1F deal they have every year, but I did the math and for the games I actually would buy right away, I can get all of them brand new for less than what I would pay Gamestop for that deal.

I fucking love Amazon.

#7 Posted by James_ex_machina (913 posts) -

Thanks for the deal posts.

#8 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

@BabyChooChoo: Yea, I'm in the same boat. $49.99 is REALLY tempting for me.

@James_ex_machina: No problem, as long as people are getting some use out of these I'll keep them coming.

#9 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Buy Skyrim not Skylanders.

#10 Posted by ptc (633 posts) -

keep these posts coming!

#11 Posted by dikfox (57 posts) -

@mancide: I appreciate it, and if you continue to post them I will be reading. Thanks for taking the time.

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