Anyone able to delete a credit card since the new update?

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So the new Xbox Live Dashboard update comes with a wide range of new account-level functionality, one of which is the ability to edit, or delete your credit card information. The first night, it could not access my information when I clicked on "delete a card". It would just pop up an error message with a code, (which I assume is a generic "can't access information" message). I assumed it was the servers being overloaded since the new update had just rolled out, but what I felt was strange was I could edit that information with no problems. 
The next night(s), it allowed me to select the card I want to delete, but it continues to pop open the same error message with the same code. My question is: has anybody been able to delete a credit card from the system? I hate to be the conspiracy theorist, but I am getting a weird feeling that Microsoft just put that selection up there to appease some people, but not actually making it function, if it's any indication of how Microsoft likes to hide and make it very difficult to access and/or change even the most basic account functionality. 
So, am I alone here, or are other people having similar issues?

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You've always been able to remove cards, but you have to do it on the website. Dunno if you can do it on the box yet.

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@Canteu said:

You've always been able to remove cards, but you have to do it on the website. Dunno if you can do it on the box yet.

Thank you for reading my OP where I specifically detail the ability to delete cards on the new Xbox live dashboard update.
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Where? I see no specifics. You just say you can then complain you can't.

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Yes, hate to be a  conspiracy theorist. Don't get that funny feeling, just remove it via the website. 

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