Anyone else having problems with the new Xbox 360 update?

#1 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

It's odd. I updated but then it said that I cannot connect to Live. So I unplugged my router, plugged it back in and ran the test and it says that I am connected to live but there is a service alert. THEN when I try to sign in it says that I am not connected to Live. For bonus confusion, it is telling me to goto which is a blank page.

Anyone else getting in on this good time?

#2 Posted by tsiro (222 posts) -

I think Xbox Live is just broken. I assume that so many people trying to update all at the same time was a bit much.

I'm right there with you, though. This is super fun times.

#3 Posted by TheWanderingTree (7 posts) -

Same thing is happening to me...

#4 Posted by CRACKYSTUNTYE (45 posts) -

You can add me to the list. Seeing that its happening to other people is making me fell alot better about it tho.

#5 Posted by bigsmoke77 (841 posts) -

I forget what I did but you have to agree to a new terms of service so try to access something that requires xbox live.

#6 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Everyone is updating now. They are having issues. Just wait a few hours or whatever.

#7 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

Jah...just checked the forums and many people are having this problem. Various quick fixes are thrown around, but none of them worked for me. Guess I'll just do a 360 and walk away from my XBox tonight. Tribes is calling me

#8 Posted by TimothyWessel (101 posts) -

Just wait a while, or call in the error number to microsoft.

I'm going to wait..

#9 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Servers are flooded, guys. Give it some time, and by time, I mean, "tomorrow morning".

#10 Edited by bunnymud (765 posts) -

O.K. I just kept trying to sign in and it eventually worked after the 8th try in a row. Just try to sign in over and over. Worked for me.....for now.

EDIT: F it. It keeps disconnecting me. Not sure why it would let me connect just to drop me once I try to log into Netflix.

#11 Edited by w00ties (191 posts) -

Uh oh. I just shut down my system for a cool down. It was just running fine with the regular dashboard. I didn't know the update was going live tonight, I heard it was delayed. I'm scared to turn my 360 back on.

#12 Posted by TheHBK (5658 posts) -

This is what happens when the update rolls out during normal hours instead of starting in the early morning hours when the hardcore gamers are still playing.

#13 Edited by Infininja (871 posts) -

I was prompted to download the update, then when it tried to download it it says it wasn't able to. I restarted my 360 but every time it said it couldn't connect to Live. I set my IP to automatic and downloaded/installed the new update. Then I couldn't connect to an party with my friend so I set my IP back to static. Now it says my NAT is strict (it never was before, I've forwarded all the ports).

Edit: A bunch of my saves are corrupt. I'm not sure if it's related.

#14 Posted by myketuna (1782 posts) -

I tried to update. Didn't work. Forwarded ports, restarted modem/router. Didn't work. I'm just going to wait until Friday or something.

#15 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

@myketuna: try it tomarrow, everyone got off work, its the evening, worst time for them to push this update.

#16 Posted by w00ties (191 posts) -

Immediately after the update I had trouble connecting to Xbox Live. Although within the hour the issue was solved.

#17 Posted by Twoiijr (8 posts) -

The new xbox system update broke my year and a half old xbox. Customer service is no help, say I need to pay $120 for repair. How do I contact someone who can actually help me? I'm going to start a new topic

#18 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

Seems fine now. Copied save files to Cloud and everything.

#19 Posted by csl316 (10675 posts) -

It's still being finicky.  Last night I got the update, couldn't log in for an hour, worked for a half hour, and now it's busted again.
I wanna share my Contra achievements to Facebook, dammit.  I need to.

#20 Posted by BoringK (315 posts) -

I'm not able to sign into XBL right now. My network switch recognizes it's connected to the 360, and my PS3 can sign into PSN just fine, so I don't think it's a problem on my end. No biggie, I was just going to watch a DVD anyway.

#21 Posted by Death_Burnout (3837 posts) -

I can sign in, but as soon as i start a game i'm technically signed out, but it never tells me that. I try to manually sign back in but it says my "connection to Xbox live has been lost" every time. I tested my connection and everything is fine. I've only tried two games but the same thing happens...

This is weird.

#22 Posted by GullumF (94 posts) -

I haven't had any problems with the Dashboard, jus tbeen using the cloud saves.

#23 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1190 posts) -

It said I was disconnected and I should reconnect, so I did and no problems. I haven't really had any problem with it except for the fact the new dashboard looks like a downgrade.

#24 Posted by Death_Burnout (3837 posts) -

Ok this is really weird, i tried another game, an older game, and i am able to be signed in whilst playing. Went back to Skyrim and i am now signed back out again.

I'm starting to think this is just me. I've searched the internet and can't find anyone with the same problem. Why would it let me sign in, use music apps and play an old game online, and then suddenly bar me out on new games. Is this some sort of ToS glitch? if there is such a damn thing.

#25 Posted by aragorn546 (186 posts) -
#26 Posted by sweetloudiamond (6 posts) -

my only problem is the way that it seems like they've completely buried all things that are not advertisements....

#27 Posted by Contrarian (1206 posts) -

I was just updating my 360 for the first time in prbably 2-3 years. It kept failing time after time and got flat out annoying. So I tried downloading the update on my Mac and then a USB Stick. That worked a treat forst time.

Can't say I like the new dashboard .... I can't fgure out how to redeem codes for one. It is 3am and I am currently putting everyone of my games in to check for updates ..... all 83 games ...... it is taking a while. My main problem is that I don't care for Live, never will, and it isn't the Slim, so I have to drag the 360 and a heavy TV to the kitchen to plug it in to the internet ...... I won't be making a habit of that and I won't pay $150Au for a wireless adapter.

No wonder the 360 is my least liked console.

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