Are achievements acceptable to former critics due to trophies?

#1 Posted by Indifference (10 posts) -

Since the 360 debuted there have always been people that were(are?) critical of achievement points. Now that PS3 has it's own "achievements" called trophies is that criticism fading away?
It seems like it is because of the obvious hypocrisy of favoring trophies over the achievements they were based on. Then again one could be critical of both.

#2 Posted by MsCortana (445 posts) -

 Has the addition of trophies some how lightened the critical views of achievements...not that I can tell.  Actually, I can not remember, as of late, anyone saying anything negative about achievements, other than the usual complaints about unattainable achievements from 360 owners.

#3 Posted by spragels (102 posts) -

I dont care for either trophies or achievements. I think that Sony adding them just shows that a lot of people really like them though. I think they will always be bashed a little.

#4 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

I personally don' t like it, and don't even give a damn how many trophies/achievements have. I'll play the games I like, and if I get an achievement/trophy than whatever.

#5 Posted by Spiritof (2238 posts) -

It fazes me not.

I'm MUCH more likely to pursue an achievement/trophy if it also unlocks content in the game. If the only reward is just the points or the trophy, meh, I get sleepy. If they unlock thru regular play, that's completely all right, but I'm not going out of my way to pursue a larger epenis.

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I dont think its hypocrisy at all

at the time the xbox introduced them, no one had done that sort of thing on a large scale

so of course there were going to be skeptics that said "we dont need this" because it was unproven. now that its has been proven as a good way to add replay value and what not, everyone is more open and welcoming to the idea coming to other platforms

#7 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Both points have no use...

#8 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

I don't think so, they are both still great, though I prefer the trophy system more (levels instead of gamerscore).

#9 Posted by LightYagami245 (1161 posts) -
epic_pets said:
"Both points have no use..."
True, but both were just planned to be bragging rights. Also, the trophies are different from each game(if you get a trophy from Resistance 2, the trophy will be of a chimera).
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They've used to suck and they still suck,

#11 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -

If I played PS3 with a game that had trophies (I haven't touched my PS3 in almost 2 months), I would hate them. I'll stick to the original, well thought out achievements for 360. PS3 it is just a trophy, 360 it's every part of your profile and more. Don't ask me how or for reasons, it just feels like gamerscore is an extension of how much your love games, and PS3 [while similar] does not feel the same.

AaronBelfast said:

"They've used to suck and they still suck,"
Screw off, seriously, you don't have to pay attention to them if you don't want.

#12 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -
LeChuck said:
"Unfortunately I care too much about achievements. As seen in my blog.
Same here. It's another form of replayability.
#13 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

the points have no specific use apart from bragging rights to your friends, however form a developers point of view they allow so much more for the user to do within a game, be this play it through 8000 hours online someone would therefore the developers have done there job in keeping lasting appeal for a game that they have released. For example would i try to get 10,002 kills on bad company without achievements hell no!

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