Battlefield 4 Now up for pre order on Amazon, that was fast.

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I would wait out a year before picking it up. There's bound to be shitloads of DLC just like Battlefield 3 had later on. Just wait, they will want to screw over people again. I don't have to repeat myself. We all know what happened with Battlefield 3.

I did not mean to troll, its just that I'm still butthurt of owning the Standard version of BF3.

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@Caustic_Fox What? Premium was a fine value add. I don't think anyone should be butthurt over a game being supported for over a year with new content.

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@gs_dan:I guess... but still, I'm missing out on the fun.

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yeah bf3 premium was a very good service. 4 DLC maps (5 if you still didn't have the karkand expansion) plus early access to dlcs, double xp events, etc. For me it was totally worth it.

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