Beware: Your Old Xbox Stores Personal Information

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Er, so. Fair warning to anyone that has or is thinking about throwing away their Xbox.  
Might wanna use 

a specific formatting application likeBoot and Nuke  to completely erase information from the magnetic disks. 

because apparently  

all of your personal information is stored on the console's hard drive - even if you wipe the drive clean. 

Ashley Podhradsky from Drexel University in Philadelphia experimented with common tools and applications on a refurbished Xbox 360 and easily grabbed the previous owner's sensitive bits like credit card number, address and real name. 

The more you know...
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whelp, that blows.

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Well, glad my only hard drive I've ever had for the 5 (FIVE!) Xbox-es before the one I just got at Christmas is on my desk.

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well that sucks. my last xbox 360 broke from me dropping it. microsoft was nice enough to send me a new 20 gig hard drive. still had warranty with it.

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So this must have been Scott Tenorman's goal.
#7 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Thats nice to know but I don't see myself getting rid of my 360 hardware for a long time and I always destroy hard drives, discs, ect ect.

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well my xbox will stay with me indefinitely, hopefully lasting as long as my n64. gathering dust in a box to play with once every year or two

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