Black Friday and Cyber Monday XBLA sales

#1 Posted by 617_jbug (345 posts) -

According to CAG

Black Friday Nov 25

Fallout 3 for 25% off (22.49)

Warhammer Killteam 50% off (400)

Full house poker 50% off (400)

+more unannounced

Cyber Monday Nov 28

Beyond good and evil 70% off (240)

Marvel Vs capcom 73% off (324)

Risk factions 75% off (200)

Dungeons and dragons daggerdale 50% off (600)

+more unannounced

#2 Posted by jozzy (2042 posts) -

Is this US only? Anyway, not really interesting stuff. Only thing I would consider is Beyond Good and Evil and Warhammer. Probably not though.

#3 Posted by pantzing_nome (583 posts) -

I'm going to get beyond good and evil, I have been wanting to play it a while and there selling it at a great price. They added mortal kombat to the cyber monday sale

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection 50% off (400)

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