Changing xbox Account from privite to open?

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ideas anyone?

I have already gone into my online saftey setting on and changed everthing to open yet it still tells me

"Your Xbox Live account is flagged as private. Please change this on Xbox Live's web site."

Any help would be much appreciated.

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@iDarktread said:



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@turner: Never seen a private or open setting anywhere. Maybe it just takes time to update?
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@turner said:

"Your Xbox Live account is flagged as private. Please change this on Xbox Live's web site."

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yes i know its flagged.. That's why im trying to figure out how to unflag it lol :D

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the same thing happen to me

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Me tooooo, I think maybe its just something with the site because i don't remember changing anything on xbox live-izzle.

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Me too
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@turner: I had this issue. I just removed my live details, then entered them again and it worked fine.
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Perhaps it has something to do with the setting you have for people joining your party or game. It maybe where you change the notification of someone on you friends list coming online. Not in front of my Xbox right now hope that helps

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I had this same issue. What I did was go to and go to the "Online Safety" settings after clicking my name. From there, I turned "Profile Sharing" and "Game History" to everyone (they were on Friends Only for me) and Giant Bomb found my stuff immediately upon refresh.

Hope that helps! It can also be changed on the Xbox itself, but I don't know the sequence of events off the top of my head.

Edit: Although going to my page now, it's shown as private again. =/ I'm gonna try what mr187uk suggested and just reload my profile.

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