Codes For Duders

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Hey Guys (And Gals)

I just did a lot of cleaning and found all these codes. Nothing too exciting but here they are.

2-Day Gold Trial Code: WPT29-JGT4J-M8J9Y-4RJDT-PMJY3

2-Day Gold Trial Code: RDMVG-FF7XG-C7P77-8DK8V-W668Y

2-Day Gold Trial Code: V9WGT-JP63W-WQQ63-24RVT-3QPW3

2-Day Gold Trial Code: MH2J7-Y3QQD-PY84V-BYB7X-VX7X3

2-Day Gold Trial Code: Q66GP-PX8QJ-J2WYJ-4RKX4-W4C9Y

MW3 Special Ops Avatar Costume (FEMALE!!!!): TH4DK-7GC6J-YRWMK-DWG97-PWGXZ

Black Ops Zombie Avatar Costume (FEMALE!!!!): TDXMC-MXK9X-GD7Q7-VYCMK-RK6KZ


Please leave the female costumes for actual females that want to dress up their avatars.

Thanks and Enjoy :)

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Thanks, duder!

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Only female codes? SEXISM!

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Thank you sir. I've been off of Live for a good few months now. Just in time for the weekend!

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