Comcast and HBO Go Apps?

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So whatever happened to the Comcast and HBO Go apps for 360? Have these deals fallen through or something?

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Yeah, what the fuck? Are they ever coming? I bought a remote in anticipation of Comcast, since I thought they said it was coming as soon as 2012 came. But it's the end of February, and we haven't heard shit about it since last year.

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I have a feeling no one actually knows. I also have a feeling Microsoft is hoping people will forget that the apps were supposed to come out. Have you noticed that the 'coming soon' section (that was made up primarily with Comcast and HBO Go) has been removed from the app store? That looks like a bad sign to me.

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Just an update. According to gameinformer the HBO Go app is coming to Xbox April 1. The Comcast app would likely come soon thereafter but there is no official word yet.


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