Connecting a PC and Xbox 360 to one monitor

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Basically, I currently use one monitor for both my PC and Xbox 360 and I have to switch the cables each time I want to change between the two. I want to be able to have something that allows me to just press a button so I can switch between the two easily.

Right now I am using a VGA cable for my 360 and a normal PC monitor cable (DVI cable?) for my PC as well as one set of speakers for my 360 however I pretty much always use a headset for PC so I am not too bothered about switching the speakers between the two. From what I've researched, all I need is a KVM switch or something along those lines so all I really want is for someone to link me to a reliable KVM switch or something else that will work. I'm also wondering if using a KVM switch will reduce the quality at all or if it just depends on the cable/monitor I am using?

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Well PC monitors take 2 types of cables now.
VGA and DVI So if your monitor can accept both at once then your secure there you should be able to run both into the monitor though im unsure of how to change it from reading VGA or DVI at any given time.
If it only accepts VGA and your using a VGA-DVI adaptor then you'll need a switch box.
Cables 2 go

I personally use cables 2 go they are one the better companies that deal in all things cables, switch boxes...ect the quality is great i currently use one of their optical audio switchs and its yet to fail me.

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I'm using my 46" samsung 1080p for my PS3 and 360 with HDMI and my Wii on the standard component input and my Mac mini through the VGA connection...   Does that count as a monitor?

I stopped using monitors when i realised I could just hook my PC up to a 1080p TV which i have 2 of anyway. I guess i could get a higher resolution on a monitor but then I cant get them at 40+ inches without costing stupid amounts.
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I guess that wasn't very helpful but i would say getting a decent size HDTV isn't that expensive anymore (atleast in the UK anyway) I just found it easier with all the extra inputs. 
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To hook up your 360 and your PC to a monitor you'll need two things.

KVM Switch
Xbox 360 VGA Cables

You hook the kvm switch up which is controlled by the computer.  Your computer has to be on the default on switch and your 360 on the secondary one.  To play a game you'll have to turn on your computer and then turn on your 360.  The kvm switch uses the keyboard to switch between 360 and PC signals so your keyboard and mouse also hook up through the kvm switch.  This gives you the added advantage of using your keyboard with your 360 as well.  You may have to make sure your keyboard is USB tho.

There are other KVM switches out there which may not require you to have the computer on, but this is the one I am using and can verify that it works.

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I recommend everything this guy is saying, just a different KVM switch, try this one instead.
To hook up your 360 and your PC to a monitor you'll need two things. KVM SwitchXbox 360 VGA CablesYou ... [more]

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