Did you have an Xbox before you had an Xbox 360?

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had an original xbox before 360, really enjoyed it, one of my favourite games was Doom 3 and numerous other exclusives, even enjoyed Raw 2 more than the latter smackdown games, after maybe here comes the pain or whatever was the equivalent ps2 wrestling game at the time - didn't have as many xbox games as i did ps2 games, obviously i suppose, but still really enjoyed it, bought xbox official magazine way more than ps2, usually for the demos 
now i have way more 360 games than ps3 games, but i did get the 360 three years ago and the ps3 three months ago

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Yeah, I got it for Christmas 2002. It came with MechAssault, the first Live game. At least I'm pretty sure it was the first.
#153 Posted by TheHBK (5663 posts) -

Yes, games looked and ran better than on the PS2.  For me the best most memorable experience on the PS2 was MGS2, but for the wrong reasons.  Then I played Halo 2 a lot in college and for me, that set the bar for online gaming on a console.  The PS3 has shown it could do that too.  But man, driving people into the chasm on waterworks and hearing them get pissed because it counted as suicide for them was awesome.

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@MattyFTM:  Are you kidding me?
The Xbox was only a 'flop' because it was a brand new console from a company who had not previously ventured into the console market.
One of the main attractions of the Xbox was the whole 'Anything PS2 can do, we can do better' factor.  For example - I remember owning Max Payne on PS2 and really getting frustrated with the loading times between deaths when I got round to playing it on the unlockable, harder difficulty settings. However, when I decided to get Max Payne on the cheap years later for my Xbox, I was left frustrated that I had not jumped ship sooner. The graphics were sharper, the mutli-format titles ran a lot smoother (this also includes Timesplitters 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 for the record) and the custom soundtracks option was quite awesome at the time.
The superiority of the console made a LOT of games far more enjoyable. Ghost Recon 2 (and its expansions), Rainbow Six 3, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Double Agent (which was hilariously better than the 360 version by miles) 
People go on and on about the sodding Dreamcast and how it was underated but I think people need to take these points that I have made into account, as well as going back and looking at the back catalogue of EXCELLENT games before they say anything negative about the system. 
...oh and back then, Halo Combat Evolved was reason enough to purchase an Xbox all on its own, so don't be a wee silly cunt.
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Yup.  Halo LANs were a blast, but I think my most played single player game was Mercenaries.  I played the shit out of that.

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I bought a gamecube because it came with two games and was cheaper than a ps2. I made a big mistake. Xbox 360 saved my faith in gaming. I couldn't believe how expansive halo 3's campaign and multiplayer was and how good gears looked.

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No, I only had a gamecube.

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Yep, and I got a supreme package. Halo and Amped. Got it in 2002.

I had a gaming grade PC before that (my parents bought it in 1999 and wanted the best) so it had been long enough since I had used the TV to play games that the Xbox was hooked up to a tube with wood panels when I played it! We got a rear projection 42" flatscreen during the winter of 04/05.

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Yup, in fact i played it more than my PS2.
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Sure. I didn't use it nearly as often as my Ps2, but I really loved alot of games for the original Xbox, and still break it out on occasion since the compatibility with the 360 on most of those games is shit.

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Hell yes I did. Greattttt memories with that thing, man...

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Yes. I would play the crap out of Jet Set Radio Future. I love that game!

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sure did, loved it.

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Yeah, it was the first console I owned. I was one of the rare few among my friend that had an Xbox and not a PS2, many a flame war was fought.

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Yes I did. November 15th 2001. Oh gracious, Project Gotham Racing 1 and Halo... yes, this guy was set. OMG, and then Moto GP pack in that game with the original xbox Live! starter set, I probs put at least 250 hours into that game alone. Mechassault was also awesome, Return to Castle Wolfenstein: ToW, and the rest of the online bunch... I had them all.

I think I may have put just as many hours into Socom and Socom 2 since that came out those came out in like the summer of 2002...a few months before XBL officially launched. I was in beta of XBL, but they had only really that RC racing game. SOCOM ruled my life for about 6 months after each came out... I mean I was playing for like 4 hours a day... ahhhh, Frostfire. I still played a ton after that... just went down to like once a week for like an hour or two.

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Yes, and I some how "liked" that giant controller.

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I did. I played about 3 hours of Shenmue 2 and JSRF each, about an hour of Halo: CE before I realized I hate Halo, and then turned it into a media server and went back to playing my PS2 and Gamecube.

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@bombHills said:

Yes, and I some how "liked" that giant controller.

Oh yes, get out the 4 dukes and play some Halo or Unreal Championship.

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No, I would check the library from time to time, but the only exclusive I could muster any interest in at all was Halo.  And by the time they dropped the price on Halo I had learned that my initial interest was misplaced.  And they made a PC version so I doubly had no reason to get an XBox.
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Yes I had an original Xbox.  I eventually modded it, but I found out that not buying games and having too many to play is a bad thing...not just because of the principality of it, but because it gives you no motivation to actually play a game and I found myself not enjoying it as much.  Therefore I will never download games again...just not worth it for me.

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Nope. During  their Great Release, I worked at TRU as a mgr. We had teh honor of having some of the first 100 machines. When our display came the first 3 out of our promotion 5 faile out of teh box. LOL. Iwouldn't touch'em! 
THen my firiend and I played on his Xbox 360 a lot adn he gave it to my son when he deployed. I play MMOs on Pcs mostly now days.
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I got it exclusively to play Ninja Gaiden. Seeing as that's easily my favorite game of that entire generation, it was worth the price of the system.

#173 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Totally. Ninja Gaiden Black made that system for me.

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Yep. Played the hell out of Halo and Halo 2, and played an absurd amount of Ghost Recon 2 with some friends on live. I also played a ton of Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, and that group of friends always used hydrolics to bounce cars 20-ish feet in the air, and bounce them into places that you never should've been able to get into. Fun times.

Mine lasted from launch to a while after I got my 360 shortly after Halo 3 was released. Hell, I can probably still play it today. I also got a MadCatz controller, which was tiny but better than those huge ones.

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Indeed I did, I picked it up as a bundle with Rainbow Six 3, whichever the first Fifa game was and a demo for a racing game. Me and 3 other friends picked it up the same day, came back to my house and played the shit out of games (we all got different launch games) then the first time we went on xbox live, our whole approach to gaming as friends changed, with local multi player soon become a drinking event. I love my original xbox, Chaos Theory looked incredible I seem to remember. I'm also a Wrestling fan and against popular opinion Raw 1+2 and Wrestlemania 21 we're fantastic games for me. However, my favourite game by a long old margin was Rallisports Challenge 2. Godamn that was a great xbox game.

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I did, but I traded it in for a PS2 after a year or so.

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Nope. Hated the Xbox and still do. Didn't rate it as a console at all. Only thing about it worth playing was Def Jam Vendetta.

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Yeah, but not a lot of games. Halo and Halo 2, mostly. The original Mechassault and the duo-pack SegaGT/Jet Set Radio Future came with the console, also. I did not own Brute Force, but I played the shit out of it and thought it was very good. Especially with friends.

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No. I don't know a single being that has an original Xbox. What were the good exclusives for it? 
P.S: This is a serious question. Seriously.

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No. I got my XBox 360 in June 2006 and my XBox in June of 2011. The latter cost me $20... 

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I had one, but the PS2 did all the heavy lifting around my place those days.
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Yes. i sold it, and i recently got another one which a friend of mine didn't need.

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yep even had the fat controller. My og xbox died because of to many late night halo system link parties. one night we had 8 xbox system link halo 2 party.  I guess beating star wars knights of the old republic 1 and 2 at least a dozen times each didn't help.

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The original Xbox was awesome.

Rainbow Six 3

Ghost Recon

Halo 2

Project Gotham Racing 2

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Midtown Madness (Cops and Robbers, oh god so much fun)

The 360 can't compete with that multiplayer line up. All hail the days where console FPS didn't aim for you.

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Sure did. A lot of Morrowind, KoToR, and Halo (1 & 2) was played. Come to think of it, those were the only four games I really played on my Xbox.

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Yes, I did. This thread should've had a poll.

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Yes I did, loved Halo, Halo 2, Star Wars Battlefront & Battlefront 2, Doom 3, Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas.

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Same here. I played Halo CE, Halo 2, Kotor, Kotor 2, and PGR to death. I continued to solely play Halo 2 on my 360 until Gears of War.

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was the best damn halo 2 player around. once finished a normal deathmatch game 56-2. was a good day

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Nope, had a Gamecube in the last generation. My decision to get a 360 was mostly shaped by my friends playing Halo 2 and Oblivion being available.

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xbox was rubbishbox

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No the controller for xbox 1 was huge and put me right off the machine. I had a ps2 though.

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I did and I put an emulator on it so I could play GBA games when I was bored of the few decent games available for it. The console never died either.

#198 Posted by SuperSambo (3037 posts) -

Yes, it was my main console.

It ran multiplatform games quicker and i much preferred the controler.

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Yeah, I was a Gamecube person until the lack of games became a problem for me.

Bought an Xbox with the GTA collection, Halo, Midtown Madness and PGR2. Couldn't believe what I was missing out on, it quickly became my main system, even after I bought a PS2.

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Yep. Halo 2 changed my life, man.

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