Do you install all of your games to hard drive?

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#51 Posted by VibratingDonkey (994 posts) -

Yes. There's always the minimum benefit of the thing being quiet, usually coupled with more of the potential benefits.

Anyone know why Mass Effect 3 is the way it is? Why do I have to swap discs when all the content is on the hard drive? So stupid.

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#52 Posted by Armoes (83 posts) -

Nope. I only have a 60 Gig HD. I have maybe 4 games installed, and bunch of demos. That said, I play my 360 on average of about twice a month. Internet, TV, and PC gaming happens a lot more.

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#53 Posted by Claude (16648 posts) -

I install the games I'm playing and then delete them when I'm done. I do leave the saves, just in case.

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#54 Posted by NegativeCero (3135 posts) -

Yup, bit I only have 60 gigs to work with so I delete what I don't play. But some XBLA games are getting pretty big. 2 gigs each starts to add up.

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#55 Posted by efman (217 posts) -

No, I've never tried doing this on my 120 GB Elite. Does it actually make a significant difference performance-wise other than the noise?

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#56 Posted by BaneFireLord (3151 posts) -

I have actually never installed a game to my drive. I was going to with Skyrim, but then heard about that texture bug and didn't.

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#57 Posted by MHumphreys89 (783 posts) -

I usually install my single-player game of the month and delete it when i'm finished, however, I always keep my most favoured multi-player games on my HDD.   


One of the reasons I install games became apparent recently; my power-brick had died, so, I had to use my old Elite rather than my 360S, I hardly ever got annoyed by the noise un-installed games made but i't seems i've become sensitive to it now, funny considering what a joke the 'Whisper Quiet' promotional term became; everyone laughed at.

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#58 Posted by NapTimeSleeper (349 posts) -

I generally always install the game I'm currently playing. It gets a little annoying considering I only have a 20 gig hard drive. Games like Mass Effect 3 are pains with there multiple discs.

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#59 Posted by PixelStyles (77 posts) -

I install all games I'm playing, I'll leave a couple on if I plan on going back to them, but typically if I know I'm done I go back every couple months and clean them out so I have room for more.

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