Does anyone use HEADPHONES while playing on 360?

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I just ordered the Tritton AX360 surround headphones cause they were cheap and i wanted to try them out. Currently I have a really good pair of AKG K240's hooked up to a mixer. I'll let you guys know how im finding the ax360's

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Kaneda said:
Sennheiser 595
I've got those cans and a soundcard that does decodes dolby digital (poorly). I had to send them to Sennheiser for replacement once one of the drivers broke away. Only cost me $50 for a brand new pair that seem to be made of a better material (no stress cracks).

I really wish the 360 had a built-in headphone mixer for digital stereo. Not like the poor excuse for a headphone mode that GTA4 had. There was no bass crossfeed.

I thought about buying that exact JVC box, but didn't really think I'd make much use of it. What do you think of it? What did it cost you? How is the bass?

For voice chat, I drape the regular 360 headset around my neck and make the voice go through the TV (headphones).

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