Downloading and transfering XBox 360 saved games

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Hey guys, my project for the day is learning how to download a saved game on my PC and then transfering it over to my 360. Can anyone help me with this? Not really sure what I'm doing at the moment. Thanks guys.

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I had to do it years ago when my 360 was stolen from my home. I really didn't want to start all over on GTA IV and Burnout Paradise. But it wasn't exactly an easy process. People use that to cheat achievements, so Microsoft makes it as difficult as possible. Well, at least that was the case back when I had to go through it.

The memory is hazy, but I recall having to open the HDD casing, and then hook it up to my PC via USB with a special laptop SATA drive reader. Then I had to gain membership to this secret fucking society of save modders (not joking). Last I checked the only way to get access to that site is by knowing somebody who already has access to it. Through their website you could look up different save files, and I think specific achievements (though I think there is more of a process to that and I couldn't really care less about that number). The save files had the profile wiped from them or something, so you could transfer it to your account without a problem. It worked, but it wasn't easy. Not sure it's worth it unless we're talking about recovering a save file that had lots and lots of hours on it (e.g.: my Burnout Paradise file).

Also, this information is incredibly old. It pre-dates the newer models of 360s and the ability to use flash memory. So, the process could be totally different now. Maybe it's way easier. Or harder. Either way, I don't think Microsoft wants you doing that stuff. And be prepared for the potential consequence of being banned from XBL if you do.

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