Favourite Assassins Creed Character? (Out of WHOLE Series)

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Whether its the Ladies man Ezio, the Sneaky and epic Altair or just a plain old Templar, what is your FAVOURITE Assassins Creed Character ( PERIOD)  
Mine? Its gotta be Altair. Hes the best character in my opinion. How about you? What is your favourite Assassins Creed Character out of the whole series?(Online characters in Brotherhood MAY be used)

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That old dude that never shirks a battle, I can't remember his name.

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That there Ezio is pretty cool.

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@Landon said:
" That there Ezio is pretty cool. "
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I really dislike Altair...he was a shallow, nothing of a character that only moved the story foward

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  Pretty much the greatest character ever.
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I'm inclined to say Desmond as I'm more interested in what happens to him compared to the other characters, but I liked Ezio as well.

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Ezio, but that British asshole is pretty good too.

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Why is this thread attached to the 360? They are multiplatform games and  it would make a lot more since to attach it to the Assassin's Creed page. Mods please move this thread tia.

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Ezio for me!

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Altair. Ice cold assassin.

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The hidden blade.

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the answer is Da Vinci
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The person that yells a lot and commands the mercenaries.

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I like crazy bitches like Lucrezia Borgia who are into incest.

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Ezio's creepy brother who dies within 20 minutes of the game.

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