Fire Pro Wrestling?

#1 Posted by Ring_Of_Honor (7 posts) -

What happened to that XBLA game? Haven't heard anything since it was first announced at E3 '10.

#2 Posted by KaneRobot (2184 posts) -

I've been wondering that myself lately.

...then again, it looked so non Fire Pro-ish and flat-out repugnant when that video popped up a while back that I sort of hope they canned it. Can't express how much I'd rather have an XBLA port of pretty much any FP game from the SNES era or beyond. SFPWX Premium, 6 Man Scramble, Fire Pro D, Fire Pro Returns...anything.

#3 Posted by Ring_Of_Honor (7 posts) -

Was let down too by the early impressions & how we would be using our Avatars. Totally back you for a port of any of the previous Fire Pros on either stores of the big two with online support.

#4 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2522 posts) -

I remember playing that on my GBA :D

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