First 360 Game?

#351 Posted by zerograves (7 posts) -

don't have a 360, i am waiting for you guys to donate me one.

#352 Posted by Jigen (189 posts) -

Got the system day one in a bundle, Perfect Dark Zero, PGR3, Kameo & COD2.  I put in PGR3 first, was wowed by the graphics, went back to the main menu and realized I hadn't flipped the HDTV switch on the cord, played PGR3 again in HD, was more impressed, then went on to PDZ.

I actually had played Kameo & COD2 in Ebgames / GS kiosks a few times.

#353 Posted by Commando (1878 posts) -

Quake. Kinda cool but got old kinda fast

#354 Posted by DavidPalmer (343 posts) -

Mine was Gears, which I sold after I beat. I've been regretting that for about year now.

#355 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Quake IV. Very underrated.

#356 Posted by Epic_Hero7 (28 posts) -

College Hoops 2k7

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COD2 and perfect dark zero,and unlike alot of people I thought it was a great game.Sure it didnt live up to the original but was a great game nonetheless

#358 Posted by creamstatic (119 posts) -

My first Xbox 360 game was Mass Effect ^_^

#359 Posted by Number (24 posts) -

Easily the best skateboarding game i've ever played. Tony hawks pro skater R.I.P
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#361 Posted by E_rock (153 posts) -

CoD 2

#362 Posted by Turd_On_A_Rock (10 posts) -

Dead Or Alive 4, FEAR, Gears of War, Need For Speed: Carbon, Project Gotham 3, and Saints Row
got them all at the same time

#363 Posted by Pazy (2581 posts) -

I got it last christmas and it came with Assasins Creed and Halo 3 (plus Hexid HD, I love that game). I played Assasin's Creed first because I wanted to show of my new 'next-gen' system and kept Halo 3 for later on myself :)

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#366 Posted by Luffy (11 posts) -

Dead Or Alive 4.  I got it before the console itself.

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