Forza Horizon or NFS: Most Wanted

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This Fall will see the release of two rather anticipated racing games within a week of each other. Forza Horizon and Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Both games feature open-world racing and both are likely to appeal to the same audience. The major differentiation is the more aggressive car-combat feel of Need For Speed compared to Horizon which still features the Forza 4 simulation engine for those who want to take advantage of it.

I would love to buy both games at launch, but my current financial situation makes that rather difficult. Moreover I don't think that I'd want to play two largely similar racing games back-to-back like that. I'm interested in knowing which way the GB community is leaning with regards to this duel. I guess that Need For Speed will be the crowd favorite simply because it's not a 360 exclusive.

Personally I think I'm getting Horizon at launch and will pick up Most Wanted later on. Since Most Wanted won't be 60fps on consoles I'll probably wait for a price-cut on Steam and enjoy it in it's full 1080p 60fps glory.

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This is a question? Most Wanted. It has the word "Criterion" on the front.

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I love the Forza games, but I am not at all sold on Horizon. NFS: MW on the other hand, looks like it has the potential to be one of the best arcade racers ever.

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No contest. NFBurnout it is.

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Most Wanted for sure. Horizon looks boring to me.

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@msavo said:

Most Wanted for sure. Horizon looks boring to me.

I have to agree that all the footage we've seen from Horizon has looked rather dull. On the other hand all the previews have been really positive. I think that Horizon is not an easy game to demo in a 5 minute video. With NFS you can show a thrilling race down some city streets with cars getting crashed, oncoming traffic and big ass ramps. Horizon sounds like a game which encourages you to sit down for a couple of hours and explore the roads around you while enjoying the atmosphere of the road.

Just to be clear, I'm really excited for Most Wanted as well.

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@isomeri Yeah when I say boring I mostly mean by comparison. It's hard for sim franchise to be as exciting as an all out arcade like game. I'm sure it will be a solid entry in the Forza series but it's not screaming "must buy" to me.
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Forza Horizon

Although the fact that it isn't developed by Turn 10 has me slightly worried.

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Wait until the reviews are out and go for the one that seems to better suit you. Also if there is a demo or you can rent them do that first.

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Horizon seems to be moving away from the sim-iness. Drifting seemed very arcade-like, and you get all sorts of accolades for doing things like taking out fences and shrubberies.

If you're more of a fan of Criterion games, and you try Horizon, you'll probably like it more than you would like Forza 4.

One thing about Horizon though - it will probably have the livery editor of previous Forza games. That's always pretty nice.

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I really like the core gameplay and handling to Forza games so if I do get one, chances are it'll be that.

A demo for Horizon is coming out too so that'll make the decision easy.

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Need for Speed is more accessible. Plus I think it's more fun to smash shit and pulverize cop cars.

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They both look like they'll be fine, might even wind up with both eventually.

That being said Need For Speed looks more my... Uh... Speed.

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@ez123 said:

I really like the core gameplay and handling to Forza games so if I do get one, chances are it'll be that.

A demo for Horizon is coming out too so that'll make the decision easy.

When's that demo supposed to come out?

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Most Wanted, without a doubt.

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@isomeri: No specific date yet, Greenwalt just said October in an interview. I'm willing to bet a week or two before the game comes out.

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Most Wanted.

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Most Wanted. Horizon is going to be some weird off-shoot of the real Forza franchise. Not that Horizon won't be good. But I would have more confidence in Criterion to make a great arcade racer.

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I'll have to check out the demo for Horizon to know how the cars actually feel, and of course wait for GB coverage. I used to live in Colorado so it has me slightly interested, but I'm mainly curious about how they handle the whole music festival culture. No interest in NFS/Burnout.

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i would say forza horizon. i just say that because the last need for speed game sucked. it was just form what i heard, it seemed like it.

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Most Wanted seems like a sure thing. I'm definitely interested in Forza Horizon, but I don't think I've seen enough of that game to really judge it.

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Psyched about Horizon. Native of Colorado, love it, even if this is total Fauxlorado. So were Red Dawn and Dead Rising, and they both ruled. Not jumping on the hype machine, 'cause that's a sure way to get disappointed, but pretty sure I'll be day one on this bad boy.

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I cancelled my Horizon pre-order and got Most Wanted after realizing it was as close to a new Burnout as I'm gonna get for awhile.

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Can't pull the trigger on any EA racing. Burnout Paradise was the last one I bought. Admittedly though, that was an excellent game. So excellent they had to shut down the franchise 'cause they could never one-up it. Forza, even though they've embraced DLC a little too enthusiastically for my taste, is my game of choice, and straight up, if Greenwalt and Co. Gave Codies a run for their money and made a Forza Rally title, I'd be inclined to try it too.

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Forza Horizon will be in my Xbox and NFS MW will more than likely find it's way on to my computer when it is on sale on Steam.

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