Gamers I hate

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#51 Posted by SixStar (5 posts) -

Hosts who kick me after I ass them.

#52 Posted by snakepunk (30 posts) -

Stupid little kids in COD4 who say the dumbest things ever

#53 Posted by Gyroz1989 (36 posts) -

People who think they are the worlds greatest at the game, so they bash everyone on how they play.

#54 Posted by Scent_Tree (32 posts) -

Little children, teens who yell every time they get a kill, and of course sudo-gangster fags.

#55 Posted by frantic (48 posts) -

Haha yeah, Soulless can't agree with you more! I hate people who seem to shove their mic up their ass and you constantly hear something rubbing off the mic.

#56 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Angry people screaming or speaking trash talk down their mic with insults like "omg you n00bz!" or "i'm going to find where you live and screw your sister!". Its those sort of people that make me both laugh and cringe.

#57 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

Basically little kids. Also people who play music real loud in the background so it picks up on their mic.

#58 Edited by Thunderbird (10 posts) -

Pretty much anyone not on my friends list...especially the types most of you guys have mentioned.

Loud people in general
People who have accents that annoy me

#59 Posted by Scent_Tree (32 posts) -
Met2609 said:
"Basically little kids. Also people who play music real loud in the background so it picks up on their mic.
Yeah people who play German Techno really loud in the background,  thats really annoying.
#60 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1621 posts) -

Gears of War kids, GTA IV players in general, Halo 3 during the vacation, Counter Strike Source in zombie mod kids....

#61 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (623 posts) -

I hate immature gamers with little to no sportsmanship in general. Though admittingly I've been like that, but no more I say!

#62 Posted by RedLabel (4 posts) -
Box3ru13 said:
ppl who suck at the game and ruin it for me (seriously why play if u go 0-20?)"
So I can improve and end up 1-20 k/d in the next game. :)

#63 Posted by AnxiousTube (245 posts) -

12 year old kids who some how rock at the game they play and then they shove it in your face and when your blow thier head off they kick you from the game because they are immature.  and people who play music like those other posts and people who don't talk and just stand there the entire time while the host refuses to kick them because they enjoy allowing them to die constantly, Or a new person I hate someone who joins a game as the same person but as a guest like in gears of war. So yah lots of people

#64 Posted by X_UrCuRse_X (11 posts) -

-Kids playing M Rated games online (ie GTA IV)
-People spewing profanity/racist/homophobic remarks for no reason. (I'm not saying, don't swear/use profanity, just have the intellect to construct a clever phrase, instead of constantly yelling out "F*G" to everyone like a broken record)
-Screamers/Heavy Breathers
-Wannabe gangsters
-People playing music in the background

#65 Posted by roylink (135 posts) -

fanboys: 90% of GameTrailer's forum users. 

#66 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -

People like me: when I'm hanging out with friends on XBL sometimes I get loud and obnoxious.

#67 Posted by Aaron_G (1680 posts) -

The people who sound like they are eleven and playing every game you want to play.

#68 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

None really...

#69 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1098 posts) -

I hate people that go on and on about how great a gamer they are, how much better they are than me, etc. Go cure fucking cancer, then come back and say you're better than me--and only then will I give a shit.

#70 Posted by Sil3n7 (1367 posts) -
Nik_NYG said:

The 12 year old racists.


#71 Posted by X_UrCuRse_X (11 posts) -
Vinchenzo said:
"People like me: when I'm hanging out with friends on XBL sometimes I get loud and obnoxious.
But if you're one of those funny "loud and obnoxious" people then you're cool by

I remember this one guy was on GTAIV and he could be considered "loud and obnoxious", but he was hilarious.he had everyone in the game laughing.
#72 Posted by WizzyKid (275 posts) -
MagusMaleficus said:
"People that try to tell me how to properly play a game. For instance, some jackass drilled me on the proper usage of double damage power-ups in UT III the other day. I kept my mouth shut, but I was just about to tell him the proper usage for a spiked dildo...
How to properly use a double damage? You just walk into it and you fire your best weapon. Is there really anything else I should know about ising it properly?

It does remind me that there are some really lifeless people who spend nothing but playing one game until they perfect it and think they know everything about it. I bet they couldn't design a map, or even a mod.
#73 Posted by greennoodles (458 posts) -
nezze00 said:
-Girls who use their gender as an excuse to shout profanities or have xbl sex with everyone
Never met one of those but kinda want to now, oh, um the racist 10 year olds are the worst.
#74 Posted by Cube (4383 posts) -


#75 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

I hate Gamer Girls (Not Girl Gamers), I hate people who are un-open to trying new games (You know, the people who have never heard of Metal Gear Solid and only play Need for Speed, Madden and Grand Theft Auto) and I hate kids who give orders through voice chat on Team Fortress 2.

#76 Posted by Blu_Magic (2026 posts) -

The ones that curse out loud every time they die in a match.

#77 Posted by BlackSuitAndTie9 (293 posts) -

I hate when some guy comes in and calls everyone the n word, but he is very clearly white. One time a 12 year old kid came in using the n word, and when we asked if his parents knew he was using that word he said they're members of the KKK. Ugh. Crazy people out there.

#78 Posted by VeiledMuffin (214 posts) -

Annoying people who bitch and complain.

#79 Posted by DeusExMathias (26 posts) -

- Children and teenagers who "forget" to mute and engage in extented telephone conversations with their "girlfriend"
- The kid who continually mentions how drunk/high he is
- imaptient/unhelpful/selfish teammates

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