Gamertag Conundrum

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I've got quite a problem here.

For the last few months, I had my launch-360. Still running beautifully. I had just beaten Saints Row 2 & The Third, Fight Night Champion, and ME3. Gained alot of achievements on them, too. This is important later on.

Now, this xbox was not connected to the internet. These achievements were never sent server-side. Soon after beating ME3, my 360 finally gave in and red ringed. This is where this gets tricky.

My uncle just bought me a 4gig 360 S. This has built in wi-fi. I plugged it in and redownloaded my gamertag, the same one I had played the aforementioned games on and achieved many things. However, since it was not connected to the internet for any of those games, the achievements didn't come with my gamertag.

My question is: If I were to transfer my profile onto this new xbox, would it merge with this version of the profile, being that they're both the same gamertag? Or do I simply have to suck it up and play through all those games again to get the achievements and whatnot on this outdated version of my gamertag?

EDIT: Also, if they can't merge then either way I'm gonna have to replay some games, as this gamertag thats missing alot of the achievements now has LA Noire and GTA IV on it, something my other one didn't have.

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There is no way to merge accounts that I know of. I believe the only thing close to what you're trying to accomplish would be turning that Offline profile into an Online one.

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Thanks for the response. The thing is, they're both online profiles being that they're one in the same, the lauch-360 one just wasn't connected to the internet for about 6 months. Now that the new 360 I have has Wifi built in, I recovered my gamertag off Live since I don't have a transfer cable for the old xbox's hard drive, but the Gamertag I recovered is from 6 months ago, the last time the original 360 was connected to the internet.

Quite alot to comprehend.

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@jadewiz: Alright, I think I see what you're saying. So, if you got your achievements on an old 360 and never connected to the Internet, but you still have the hard drive, I believe those achievements should still be intact. It seems like what you should do is delete your profile off of the new 360, copy the profile from your old 360 to a flash drive or usb hard drive, load it up on the new Xbox 360, then connect to Live. If I have this straight, you shouldn't lose anything.

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4 gigabyte? Delete your profile on the new xbox.

Rip open that 360 hard drive and stick it in the Slim. Turn that profile into an online one.

Now you have a hard drive and your achievements.

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@Doctorchimp: My only concern with doing this is that the hard drive isn't gonna be in there securely, and with this slim on its side might bend the pins its sitting on or something. I was thinking of buying a 360s Hard Drive Case just to put this hard drive in and have a little peace of mind knowing its not just haphazardly shoved in the slot.

@MB: The problem with this method, and literally the only problem, is that my old xbox isn't around anymore since it red ringed. There's no way for me to get onto this hard drive unless I do the haphazard "shove-it-in-the-360-s" method.

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@jadewiz: No, my friend's done it and tons of people have done it too.

It's fine.

Crack that case open and stick it in. (Maybe watch a youtube video)

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Another option, if you don't feel comfortable opening your new 360, would be to use a different console with your hard drive. A friend, or even a local Gamestop or something like that may be able to help you. Just take your hard drive and a flash drive down there and toss the dude a few bucks for his time.


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