Games You've Gotten All Achievements For?

#1 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

For me, none. If you are in my situation, which game do you have the most points in? For me, I have around 950 points in Halo 3

#2 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

For me, none. The closest I ever got was BioShock at about 750. If I just finished my second playthrough, I could def. get more.

#3 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

Yeah I restarted BioShock today and I'm working on that too. I have around 200 points so far, awesome game. I don't know how many points I got for thise game on my other account...

#4 Posted by Ma7moud (834 posts) -

Fight night round 3
Call of Duty 4

#5 Posted by SonicFire (875 posts) -

I got all the points for a few of my favs, like Oblivion, Bioshock, and Condemned... I should probably be trying harder.

#6 Posted by Logan_Aybara (73 posts) -

I got 1000 on Bioshock.  I haven't gotten the DLC which has more though.

I got all the achievements in Mass Effect and Eternal Sonata also.

#7 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

Yeah I figured someone was bound to say Avatar :P

#8 Posted by t67443 (107 posts) -

Call of Duty 2 and Assassins Creed.

#9 Posted by zdmetal2101 (63 posts) -

I've gotten the full 1000 out of Madden 06, NBA Street Homecourt, Forza Motorsport 2, Fuzion Frenzy 2, and maybe one more I can't think of.

#10 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

I've only gotten all the achievements for TMNT, easy game and fun.  Very casual game if you are looking for something to mindlessly play through. lol

#11 Posted by OblivionGuy07 (175 posts) -

I'd probably have all achievements for some games if I bought games for achievements...but I don't so...:P

#12 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Nba street homecourt

#13 Posted by Malakhii (1444 posts) -

Only fight night foe me, I think i'm missing only one for the last madden though

#14 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -

Numerous games, but I'm the most proud of Orange Box. 99 achievements for one game (albeit 5 games on one disc, TAKE THAT BLU-RAY).

#15 Posted by MayorMcCheese (79 posts) -

I have a lot of achievements here is the one i have 1000 in:
COD4, Halo 3, Fight Night 3, Bully, Avatar, TMNT, Gears Of War, NBA 2k6, Madden 06, King Kong, Cloning Clyde and Oblivion.

#16 Posted by MrBojangles (190 posts) -

galaga. that's it. i'm pissed.

#17 Edited by Leewow (134 posts) -

Oblivion, Alone In The Dark Ive Gotten All Thousand In
Gotten 1100 In Bioshock So That As well

#18 Edited by MsCortana (445 posts) -

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Lego Indiana Jones
King Kong
Call of Duty 2

#19 Posted by shoota (23 posts) -

Just Lumines Live

#20 Posted by NotaStalker (175 posts) -

geometry wars
halo 3
cod 4
viva pinata

I only need 1 moar achievement in both gears of war and bioshock

#21 Posted by rash (2 posts) -

None, because I dont like to collecting hidden items. Thats boring. 

#22 Posted by Cleric (290 posts) -

Only Fight Night Round 3.

#23 Posted by HipHopHitler (63 posts) -

Call of Duty 4 and Oblivion.

#24 Posted by Lairdo (539 posts) -

Oblivion including the expansion.

#25 Edited by Rowr (5862 posts) -

nearly 1000 in bully

unfortunately due to a glitch not all the secondary missions people in the street give you will show up all the time, i spent hours reloading the game trying to get some of them to display. Got to frustrating in the end.

got all except some of the flags in assassins creed as well.

#26 Posted by Disclaim3r (120 posts) -

COD4 and Halo 3. I don't even know how I got all the Halo 3 achievements. I really wasn't pushing for any of them except the "score" ones.

#27 Posted by Schizoid (1121 posts) -

Halo 3, Fight Night Round 3 and Phantasy Star Universe.

#28 Posted by Gargantuan (1896 posts) -

Only Halo 3 and that wasn't very hard.

#29 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

NBA 2K6.

#30 Posted by geekpimpfx (56 posts) -

just TMNT here

#31 Edited by OrangeSponge (77 posts) -

Just check my achievement profile on the site.


#32 Posted by Strife88 (246 posts) -

As of right now just Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty 2 and skate.

#33 Posted by Taalon (128 posts) -

Guitar Hero 3. I don't know why I love music games so much!

#34 Posted by elektrixx (396 posts) -

Burnout Paradise and Uno.

#35 Posted by MAV3R1CK (143 posts) -

The only game I got all achievements for is Halo 3.

#36 Posted by Dovey (190 posts) -

Alrighty we have FIFA World Cup, Oblivion (Including Shivering Isle), Call of Duty 2 and TMNT

#37 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Cloning Clyde (if XBLA counts) and Oblivion (excluding the expansion)

#38 Posted by Vandreren (35 posts) -

Only oblivion, but you got those for just playing the game.

I really cant be bothered to do a 500 yard weelie and stuff :P

#39 Posted by theycallmeryan (101 posts) -

None :(.

#40 Posted by dantebk (259 posts) -

Lost: Via Domus
NBA Street Homecourt
Fight Night Round 3
Penny Arcade Adventures Ep 1
Cloning Clyde
Bankshot Billiards 2
Pocketbike Racer

I used to have Small Arms until they released the DLC.

I'm only one achievement away in Viva Pinata, but it's the 50 hours achievement, and I got all the others in 15 hours, so that ain't gonna happen.

#41 Edited by gogojira (6 posts) -

None. Achievements don't do much for me because they serve no real purpose.

#42 Posted by Manks (862 posts) -

King Kong and Avatar for full.

For Gears and Shadowrun I need one more achievement for each.  But in Gears I can't seem to really play Annex enough for This! IS! Annex! and I traded in Shadowrun because it got extremely boring.

#43 Posted by Gaughan (97 posts) -

So far I've done - Viva Pinata, Oblivion, Penny Arcade Eps 1, Lego Star Wars II and Castlevania SotN.
Trying to work on Dead Rising, Puzzle Quest and Bioshock.

#44 Posted by Randolph (381 posts) -

I got 1k in King Kong on my old tag. :)

#45 Posted by mojovonious (43 posts) -

11 @ 100%

#46 Posted by kid9bit (69 posts) -

If you want an easy 200 Achievement points try Golf: Tee It Up! on XBLA. I managed to get all the points by just playing a couple of hours over 3 days. It's a simplistic version of Hot Shots or Mario Golf, pretty fun.

#47 Posted by Page1 (97 posts) -

Only Amped 3, my next highest is 900 in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

#48 Posted by TheHBK (5664 posts) -

NBA 2k6, Call of Duty 4, Oblivion

#49 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -

None for me. I'm close to getting everything for COD4 but I haven't racked up the patience for mile high club or finishing the last few missions on veteran yet.

#50 Edited by JJGIANT (882 posts) -

no full games but i have got all the points in assault heroes, puzzle quest, new rally x (easy) and uno... ooo and galaga

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