Gears Judgement disc unreadable

#1 Posted by Fram (918 posts) -

Anyone having this issue? A friend of mine got a "disc unreadable" message, even though the game was installed on his slim 360. Seems to be affecting a few people online, haven't had a chance to test my copy yet. A little concerned...

#2 Posted by Pikawai (137 posts) -

Perhaps his disc reader is damaged? If he still has the warranty he should maybe consider contacting the support or send it for repair.

#3 Posted by Zirilius (835 posts) -

Disc read errors are common when the optical drive is starting to fail. Yes this still happens on the slim and even if the game is installed. Installing the game does not magically make all content on the disc available o the HDD. It's just key features from the game and that disc loading still happens when you are still playing.

I would try blowing the Xbox out with a can of air focusing on the area around the lens. If that doesn't work and its under a year old contact Xbox support as they should be able to repair it.

#4 Posted by Fram (918 posts) -

Will try some compressed air.

Man, DRM sure sucks, but I kinda can't wait for physical media to go away.

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