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I have created an Xbox Live silver account as a hub for finding active Giant Bomb users to game with. The concept is simple: by having the GB Community gamertag as a friend on your Xbox Live friends list, you can view the profile and select "View Friends" via the "Personal Profile" tab to access up to 99 other profiles. This is an easy way to quickly connect with other GB members without needing a bunch of room on your own friends list. 
Since being a friend of this hub account means you are willing to play with other GB members and will be visible to others, we are asking who wants to be on the list instead of picking names from an existing thread of gamertags. If the list becomes full, gamertags that rarely sign on will be replaced by more active players. If you want to be on the list and access up to 99 other Giant Bomb community members to game with, then post your Xbox Live gamertag in this thread and you will be sent a friend request. Make sure your tag is written correctly because FRs will be entered with copy/paste.   
Update: Silver accounts removed. Remember that this is for multiplayer purposes, so Xbox Live silver accounts will be removed if noticed; so keep those Gold memberships. 

Remember not to be shy. Recommended use: Open the friends list via the described method (View GB Community profile » Personal Profile tab » View Friends), see if anybody is playing a game you're interested in, then select their profile and send them a message.   
If you want to be on the friends list faster, just send your own friend request to gamertag GB CommunityAND post here so your gamertag will be recognized as a Giant Bomb member.

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gamertag is AjayRaz. add me!

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My gamertag is CrimePays.

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Gamertag: Hyperguy205

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Also, people in this thread, add me to your friends list!!!  My list isn't even half full, I'd like more friends!

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My gamertag: iTz LuchaDeer 
I already have several Giant Bombers on my FL

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GT: Geown87
Lets play some SSF4!

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The name is Mav12 , I play games

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Sounds cool, sign me up.
My gamertag be Blade Burial.

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GT- Smd11390

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Frank The Gank add me

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Gamertag is 
Add me!

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Gamertag: Golden Ivy
Do it up!

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Wait, what's the name of the silver account??

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@natetodamax said:
" Wait, what's the name of the silver account?? "

GB Community

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All friend requests sent for the day. Reminder: you will not be visible to others until you accept the friend request.

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cool idea

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xAAx Coombs
Hellz yeah.

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The Phantomnaut

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@Origina1Penguin: do this for ps3 and  will gasm
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Gamertag is Ztiworoh... looking forward to it

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@organicalistic_:  Working on getting a duder internally to take care of that. We should have it soon.
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vr scrapp
Edit: yes there is a space between vr and scrapp

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I'm up for it.

Gamertag: Capum15Returns

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Posse up for red dead anyone?

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Super Joe GB 

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Charlie Tunouku 

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Kerensky Furey

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cool idea
gt: cesson

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Sign me up, my gamertag is nywt.

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Apparently there is a limit to the number of friend requests that can be sent in a 24 hour period (15). I will send out the next 15 in a few hours.

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HDizzle Grizzle

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great idea!

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Nice initiative!

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I just got a 360 and am only the second person to have one in my group of friends and that one person doesn't even play online, so I literally have no friends. : (

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Cpt Chiken sign me up!

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Great idea. thanks

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The next batch of friend requests has been sent. Please be patient if you have not received one yet.

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BamD Leprechaun

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