give me an underrated game to play. i am bored.

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@Yanngc33 said:

Castlevania Lords of Shadow You won't regret it

Motion is seconded, motion carries. Now carry yourself over to said shop and get that damn game. Best combat-system I've seen, period, and you know what? Great story for once in an action game, and you know what more? It's not short. You heard me, it's an action game with good length to it, for once. And it's so damn pretty.. Now enough talk, have at you!

Edit: And Enslaved, definitely Enslaved.

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Vanquish or Just Cause 2

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For the 360? Earth Defense Force 2017.
For the ps3? Valkyria Chronicles.
Emulating the 16 bit systems? The Firemen (EU), snes.

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Darksiders is fun and the story is surprisingly well done.

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Nier, Bayonetta, Enslaved, and if your into 60 hour long rpgs Tales of Vesperia.

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Toy Story 3

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It tiook till page three to get a mention, but I'll put in a fifth vote for Enslaved. A great story and a giant middle finger to all the brown post-apocalyptic games out there.

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Lost Odyssey

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Kane & Lynch 2.

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Although you said no FPS, I will 2nd Metro 2033. I played it on PC but the story and atmosphere are amazing, definitely worth a look.

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metal arms 

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Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines

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Both of Saint's Row

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Ok, the game Im gonna throw out there got killed in the reviews, partially because of two things. The first being the hype that was behind it and like most games, it didnt live up to the hype. The second is because the game is admittedly full of "why in the name of Clapton did they think this was a good idea" moments. So with that in mind, here it goes.

Too Human.

*flameshield up*

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Deadly Premonition, Nier, Vanquish, Shadows of the Damned.

Take your pick.

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Alpha Protocol.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ... fucking great game!

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Transformers War for Cybertron, Spiderman Shattered DImensions, X-Men Origins Wolverine,

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kingdom of keflings

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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is great if you want something older. It's on xbox originals or whatever they call it on XBL.

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The Godfather Part 2, way underrated but actually really good fun.

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Dark Sector. It's five dollars at Gamestop.

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@kingzetta said:

Alpha Protocol is the most underrated game ever.

Agreed, everything except the shooting is pretty ace. And the shooting isn't that bad once you get a few points into assault rifles.

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Also if you like RPGs with a distinct European flavor, then give Risen a try. Hard as nails game but very good at the same time.

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Bionic Commando the 3D one with Deads-Spencer. It's about $5 in any Gamestop and if you're into platforming it is surprisingly fun. The levels are all pretty varied and the gameplay didn't get old for me - it was fun swinging around. I think it aged pretty well for an old game. Awful ending.

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Too human i loved it but not many peaole did.

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Super Meat Boy. I love that game. Hope you do, too.

Otherwise, suit yourself. To each his own. Etc.

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I don't know if it's an underrated one:


EDIT: Didn't read the whole post...try playing Alan Wake.

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Shadows of the Damned for sure.. feels a lot like Res Evil 4

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@Drazat said:

Too human i loved it but not many peaole did.

I'll second this.

Also Tropico 3. I love that game. It's the only game I have gotten 100% in.

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@CL60: best underated game ever!

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Enslaved? I haven't played it yet, but it's cheap and some people really seem to get into it.

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I really liked Alpha Protocol and didn't have nearly as many issues with it as others did. The dialogue and choice system is one of the best out there and I found the gameplay wholly tolerable if you play it as an rpg, not an action game. Stealth is your friend. I should mention that I played it on PC, for all I know the console versions could be the buggy mess most reviewers made it out to be

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Banjo Kazooie Nuts and bolts.

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Dark Souls is terribly underrated.

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Singularity is a great recent game I caught up on. However, that is an FPS. It isn't a CoD style FPS, more of a Bioshock game, but I don't know what you mean by FPS exactly, so deal with that. I enjoyed The Saboteur quite a bit (got the S-Rank on it) and Mirror's Edge.

The best thing you could do would be go to and buy some old PC game that you have heard about but haven't played. You can spend almost nothing on some stuff there. I just bought the full D&D collection on GoG and am playing Baldur's Gate 1. Money well spent thus far.

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Earth Defence Force 2017, don't judge it by it's graphics because this game must be experienced

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I would pick up Prince of Persia (2008) this game is lots of fun even if its a bit easy. Oh and it only costs $7.49 used on Amazon for the 360.

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Enslvaved: Odyssey of the West.

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Braid if you haven't played it.

If all else fails, you can always troll random Minecraft servers.

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Darksiders, Warhammer 40000 Space Marine, Metro 2033

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@TekZero said:

Dark Souls is terribly underrated.

i would say its rated just about right. not overrated or underrated or berated (whatever that is).

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