"Good" bye old gen ?

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It's the end of the generation and we've all been busy voting and debating what the best games were. In all the turmoil I decided it would be a good idea to go back and replay some of these gems one last time.

I started out with Arkham Asylum. After a quick stop at our local Gamestop, actually make that a much longer than I wanted and annoying visit with a clerk almost yelling at me just for asking if they would have new consoles in for launch, I was back home with a "fresh" copy since my original copy never made it back to me after lending it away. I'm glad to say I had an excellent time with it. Although I still believe City is a better game (something that might be re-affirmed pretty soon).

Next up was Red Dead Redemption. I had already played through it twice before, but still didn't think it was as great as it seems others did. It meant jumping over to my Xbox, since the PS3 version of the game is terrible and I had promptly switched my copies back in the day. Not to make this a rant about console wars, but I have always favored the PS3 and my Xbox hasn't really been turned on for almost a year. Anyways, I booted the game up and the opening cinematic brought me right back. Maybe I had under-estimated the game ?

Pretty quickly I discovered something was wrong. There was some strange tearing going on and something I can only describe as graphical static. I tried disconnecting the console, dusting it and even messing around with some settings, but nothing worked. Even though I couldn't fix it I decided to keep playing. It was only intermittent and I really wanted to play the game, but after a few days of playing it seems my console decided I had gotten enough today.

So, today was the day I packed away my Xbox 360. Even though it was never my favorite system seeing that collection of games being tucked away, never to be played again, was a melancholic moment. There were several games in there I had on my short-list for replaying, like Bayonetta, L.A. Noire or even AC3 (ye, sue me). Guess I might end up re-buying some of them for my PS3 which I plan on keeping around for a while longer (hopefully). But still, while we're all excited about these new consoles it's sad to see the old ones leave. Especially considering there are plenty of amazing games only playable on them.

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I was playing my n64 up until 2007, I don't see why people are so quick to get rid of their old consoles.

By the way, the loss of my n64 was involuntary. If anyone has a good deal on a brand new in-box n64 holler at me. I miss my old console, it was still in such great shape despite being so old.

Holy shit this thing costs the same as 2.33 WiiUs!

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I unplugged my 360 but I plugged it back in and started downloading El Shaddai.

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I play and finish almost every game i play on the hardest difficulty settings probably like 99% of the time, but honestly fluck that game El Shaddai. There is a level in particular that i tried for at least for 2 very unhealthy, cursed filled days until I i finally said fluck it. The game looks beautiful, original and we should be talking more about it but it needed a better save system and tighter controls because some of those platforming sequences are just...wrong. I found a video of just one of the levels where, as usual, someone on the internet makes it looks so easy, but the horror....the horror. Start the video below at 11:34, this guy makes it looks somewhat easy, but ugh.It wouldn't embed so here is the link: http://blip.tv/lotus-prince/lotus-prince-let-s-play-el-shaddai-part-7-5906633

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Haven't touched my 360 since January 2012 when I replayed Red Dead and Dead Rising. It's tucked away somewhere in storage. Probably the console I've used the least in my life, since I have both a PS3 and a capable gaming PC.

@ares42 Don't pack up your PS3 yet. That console has years ahead of itself with exclusive games. Persona 5 being one of them.

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