Half A Red Ring Of Death

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I don't think my heart can take any more of these frequent shutdowns where two out of four segments are glowing red. Yes I'm talking about my XBox - and its ironic how it always happens when I'm succeeding at a mission that was until that point giving me problems.

Irony aside, this is no good! I was wondering if anyone knows what in particular causes 2 rings as opposed to 3 or the dreaded 4, and if I should be worried that its on its way out.

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It's overheated.

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@Sprizmo:  4 is not dreaded. 4 means your av cables aren't connected properly. It's 3 that is bad. And yeah, I think 2 means overheat. You can check on xbox.com, or just google it. I'm too lazy.
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@hakunin: Could it have to do with the fact that its like 80 degrees and I have no air conditioning? It makes sense because it just started doing this as the weather got warmer here in the northeast. And, is there something I can do to help the cooling process?
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2 red rings means it overheated. Try putting it on a flat surface if it's not already, and elevate the power brick. The carpet is the worst thing for your Xbox.
Another cause for 2 red rings is the power brick. Make sure the power brick is plugged directly into the wall, not into a splitter or a surge protector.

When your xbox freaks out next time, look at the power brick. If the light on the brick is red, then you need to replace the power brick. If it's green, it's your xbox.

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@Commando: AHA!!! I think you just nailed it. I already knew about the flat surface thing so for months now I put a book beneath it so the vents on the underside are exposed and can breath. It is, however, plugged into a surge protector. The wiring in my apartment is cheap as hell, there is not one 3 prong outlet to be found, so I have to rig everything.... what a pain in the ass!
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@Sprizmo: That would definitely cause it. 2 prong outlets are just a live wire, and a neutral wire. There is no ground wire. That would definitely cause it to overheat.
Try unplugging everything from that surge protecter, and only having the Xbox in it.
It's easy to replace it with a 3 prong outlet if you have a voltage meter, and if there's a circuit breaker in your apartment to shut off the power. But I don't think you should mess with electricity unless you're absolutely sure of what you're doing.

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@Commando: It just happened again. 5 minutes after starting my game. The light on the brick was still green. So it is my X-box. It didn't feel that hot when I touched it though... I'm going to try what you said and see if that helps, but I'm getting worried. Thanks though.
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2 means that it is overheating. i suggest u wait until it gets lower in temperature like at the night time to play.

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Maybe put a fan in the vicinity of the xbox to cool down the surrounding air?

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@Azteck: I just did that starting last night and so far no problems. Plus it got a bit cooler outside.
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The red C of Death! Oh no!

I don't know what it means, but Microsoft has all that information up on their website.

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Cheap solution? Buy a laptop cooling fan. They go for roughly $30 bucks and work wonders.

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@Sprizmo said:
" @Azteck: I just did that starting last night and so far no problems. Plus it got a bit cooler outside. "
Let's hope things go well from now on then!

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