Hard drive woes

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So I have an old white 360 with a 60GB hard drive that just doesn't cut it anymore. I've checked the usual places for a bigger one; amazon, ebay, some european sites as I'm from Ireland, but to no prevail.

My question is, can I buy a hard drive for a slim 360, pull the drive out of it, fit it in the caddy for the old 360 and have it work?

Thanks in advance.

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@shorthair: Have never tinkered with the idea of changing up my xbox 360 slims hdd but from reading around the net sounds like you can either buy an official hdd through microsoft or flash a 2.5" hdd using some special software. If you are thinking of changing the 360 with something not sold through microsoft you have to make sure the hdd is compatible with the 360 as well. Here's a link I found that's a pretty good guide on getting you started. I've upgraded my ps3 hdd before and it wasn't so bad, this one seems like a little more work but its definitely better then the option that was there before hand for 360 users where you only had the official microsoft xbox hdd to choose from when upgrading.

- Looking further this could probably work for the old white ones as well. Like I said before I've never tried this so not 100% if this will work today considering the information I've seen is about a year old.

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I'm not really into going down the hacked 360 hard drive route. Thank you for the links though. I'm pretty much getting this thing set up so I won't have to worry about it as the new generation rolls out, and I can turn to it knowing it'll just work when I want to play something from my 360 collection.

Does anyone know if my original idea would work?

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