Have xbl points, what should I get?

#1 Posted by Peter (435 posts) -

Just found out I randomly have like 2200 xbl points, what should I get? Was thinking beyond good and evil because I've never played and ive heard nothing but good things. Other games I was thinking are pacman cedx, limbo, braid and maybe serious Sam but if anyone has any better ideas I'm all for them.

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Me some games.

#3 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Get the ones that you just listed.

#4 Posted by SMTDante89 (2726 posts) -

Get Beyond Good and Evil for sure.  I've played a little bit of Limbo and Braid, they're both good.  The Giant Bomb community loves Pac-Man CE DX.  I can't say anything for Serious Sam.

#5 Posted by foggel (2777 posts) -

Braid and Limbo are my personal recommendations.

#6 Edited by MetalBaofu (1461 posts) -

All those you mentioned are really good(I don't care much for Serious Sam, though).    I also really enjoyed Splosion Man and Super Meat Boy.      Also, if you aren't really super interested in any of those or get the trial and don't seem to enjoy it all that much, then just hold onto the points until some game or DLC you know for sure you want comes out.

#7 Posted by Redbullet685 (6186 posts) -

My recommendations

  • Shadow Complex-1200 points
  • Super Meat Boy-1200 points
  • Plants Vs Zombies-1200 points
  • Castlevania SOTN-800 points
  • Pac Man CE DX-800 points
  • Limbo-1200 points
  • Scott Pilgrim-800 points
There is also 10 Xbox originals that are 33% off right now-800 points
#8 Posted by Bravestar (390 posts) -

I recommend ilomilo. It's probably my favourite XBLA game.
Pacman cedx was alright, but I think the other games you listed are better purchases.

#9 Posted by Wolverine (4574 posts) -

You could get Sonic Adventure or Portal. You could even get full games on Games on Demand for that amount of Microsoft Points. Maybe Bioshock, Gears of War, or Gun?

#10 Posted by ptc (633 posts) -
Arcade: Limbo, Geometry Wars 2, Torchlight, World of Keflings, Pinball FX2, Uno, Poker Smash, Puzzle Quest, Aegis Wing, Portal
Indie: radiangames Ballistic, Decimation X3, Miner Dig Deep, Breath of Death VII, Platformance:Castle Pain, retrofit Overload, Hypership Out of COntrol, Epic Dungeon.
#11 Posted by Nelander (184 posts) -

Mass effect 2 dlc, Because more mass effect 2 is never a bad thing.

#12 Posted by louiedog (2381 posts) -

Everything on XBLA has a demo. Unless you have a low bandwidth cap, try out those games you mentioned. Buy the ones you like.

#13 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -
@Peter: I just got Beyond Good and Evil HD after never playing it before and I'm loving it.  I'd love it if they made some new games similar to it.  
#14 Posted by Grilledcheez (4006 posts) -

I wish I could randomly find a few thousand points on my xbox

#15 Posted by Enigma777 (6228 posts) -

The new ME2 DLC that comes out tomorrow!

#16 Posted by IBurningStar (2195 posts) -


#17 Posted by nintendoeats (6138 posts) -

I really do not like Limbo, for more or less the same reasons as Jeff. The other ones that you listed would be good choices. I really liked BG&E when I played it last year.

#18 Posted by Metric_Outlaw (1198 posts) -

Pac Man and Beyond Good an Evil

#19 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

Shadow Complex 
Super Meat Boy  
Torchlight XBLA (Get it on PC if possible ) 
 Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

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