Have you payed for picture packs?

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#101 Posted by ZimpanX (420 posts) -

Nope...I don't think I've payed for DLC in my entire life even.

#102 Edited by Valestis (211 posts) -

Yes, I bought both Castlevania packs and some other crap. Though as a Castlevania-fan I do not regret my purchase. :) But yeah, pics and themes totally should be free.

#103 Posted by oobs (339 posts) -
Miniman said:
"I've had 200 points free for a while now so I have been tempted to, I managed to resist and I will probably save them for the next GTA IV content or Portal: Still Alive.

dude check they don't run out soon..happened with the GTA4 ones if you got it at lauch ran out in late june
#104 Posted by TheVilrak (55 posts) -

I bought the Scarface pack because it was cheap, but its probably the only one I will get as the whole idea is a ripoff.   I wonder if they will charge for them when avatars are out because it seems strange you can make an animated avatar for free but then have to pay to have a tiny picture.

#105 Posted by Shadow71 (192 posts) -

I stopped paying for them cause I always end up going back to my Edmonton Oilers logo

#106 Posted by Duffman (208 posts) -

The only one I did get was the Too Human one, and that was an impulse purchase.  Although I don't regret it.

#107 Posted by Jordan23 (1000 posts) -

Yeah, I bought a couple of packs (my latest was my New York Yankees) picture pack. I'm definitely buying the Gears of War 2 pack when it becomes available.

#108 Posted by puissance000 (20 posts) -

hell to the no!

#109 Posted by Sin4profit (2932 posts) -

newp...If i could upload my own pictures to use i'd probably pay fer that but as is it just seems like a waste to me.

#110 Posted by Shadow (4980 posts) -

once.  I got a japanese gamerpic and am still using it even now when no one else in outside of the US can switch to it.  Yep....I'm elitist about my gamerpic.

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