Having weird sound issues...

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Not sure whats going on but from some reason im getting an odd buzzing noise coming from my surround sound speakers and this is only with 360... Ps3 is fine and my cable box and bluray player. I tried switching audio cables still same thing and hdmis all same. I formated my hard drive removing and tried pluigging back in all cords on my 360 clean system cache. Im all out of ideas now and all this happened for the day never had this ever before is my 360 fucked? Also pointing out this is only on dash in game its fine which makes me wonder if its bug with recent update or something.

Not sure if its console or what dont want waste money unless im sure :(

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@crimson26 You probably already figured it out, but for anyone else that stumbles upon this, you have to go to System under the settings tab, then Console Settings, Audio, and disable the option that says Ratings Collection Sound. No one seems to know what this is exactly, other than the fact that it makes an annoying buzzing sound.

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Yea i did thanks any way man.

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My xbox doesnt show an option to disable that

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Please don't necro old threads.


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