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okay so here goes. first off i want to say i have been an avid ps3 player/owner since launch, and until roughly a week ago any attempt at owning a 360 longer than a week left me rrod (3 rrods, 2 in less than 4hrs,one after a week) so i waited until these slims came out. i am also a pc gamer as well. my problem is this. after purchasing my 360 and deciding to give my 60gb launch a break after years of heavy use culminating in a brutal 3 week stretch where all i did was play skyrim 8+hrs a day (im in college, was on break) and the occasional (5) freeze from the notorious skyrim ps3 freezing issues, i went to my local used game store and took a look around. now all ive been hearing is exclusives exclusives exclusives for 360 but here is my problem. halo, while i respect what it did for the xbox and for online gaming in general, i cannot stand any time ive played them at a friends house. something about draining a clip into a dude then having a firefight turn into a whose going to melee the other first kind of deal doesnt do it for me (as i feel the same about killzone). Gears of war..also not my cup of tea, the character models are massive lumbering and slow, and campaign is ok but horde mode is only fun with friends. I deal with the slow movements of resident evil because ive been a loyal player since the very first one on playstation/pc. Other than that theres project gotham racing and forza, forza is good but i enjoy the gran turismo series better probley like RE its a habit thing. I loved fable, bought the first xbox for fable, beat fable, sold the first xbox. i have beaten fable 2/3, Loved bioshock 1/2, left for dead i rock the pc for those along with fear series. im not into the xbla style games or anything closely resembling the ps3's little big planet style (great game i respect it but that style doesnt work for me). Mass effect 1/2 again pc. and its at that point that im staring into the used games asking myself what im asking you. hopefully by now youve noticed my gameplay style and can recommend something. also if it requires multiple disks, ill get it on ps3...ps3 titles ive beaten that are on xbox are (and ill try an remember all of them), any COD series with all map packs, GTA, saints row 2, skyrim, oblivion, fight night, red dead, rage, bulletstorm, borderlands, nhl, madden, nba, wont touch any mlb game other than the show, fifa, RE5, portal was a pc one, skate series, battlefield, silent hill series, etc... any help would be greatly apreciated as i am attempting to broaden my gamerscope i guess you could say.

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@bigdaddyt: A tip for halo and gears (and pretty much any competitive shooter)

Shoot them in the god damn head.

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@Canteu: aim center mass, work my way up :)

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Sadly, right now Microsoft efforts are focused on Kinect. I must admit, once Kinect pulls a great Star Wars game, I will be all over it, but until then, its no better than a Wii or Move.

As for games, there are exclusives, you have named the most important ones. But you also have some games. Sadly, the Xbox has region lock, so I can't recommend some Euro or Japanese exclusives. But Gears, Halo and Forza are the strong 3 for the 360. You can also try other minor titles like Tales of Vesperia or the amazing Lost Oddyssey. I have rather unique game preferences, so I don't think I can be of extreme help though.

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@DragoonKain1687: if lost oddyssey is the team ico one then that may be what does it..oh yea forgot to state final fantasy although in my opinion for whatever reason FF has dipped in quality since the multiplatform thing occured.

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@DragoonKain1687: if lost oddyssey is the team ico one then that may be what does it..oh yea forgot to state final fantasy although in my opinion for whatever reason FF has dipped in quality since the multiplatform thing occured.

I believe you are thinking of The Last Guardian. That's the Team ICO game. Lost Oddyssey is an RPG developed by Mistwalker as part of an exclusive dealership with Microsoft. Mistwalker is the studio founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi (FF Dad). The art of the game came from Takehiko Inoue (Slam Dunk) and the game per se was quite good, and one of the best J-RPGs of this gen.

FF has truly falled from grace. But this is because SE has a lot of internal troubles. If you have played FF XII, you will notice a change in the story, that change was due to an internal struggle between the original Producer/Writer and SE, which in turned destroyed much of the original plot that had nothing to do with a flying fortress.

Anyway, I recently finished FF XIII-2, and my hopes have returned. Until now, the only good stuff from SE was on portable devices, Type-O, TWEWY, etc. But now, XIII-2 is much more than I expected. Way better than XIII, and more in line with the classical style of game. Sadly, the character of Serah is way to retarded and almost ruined what is an impecable game.

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Try the original Alan Wake. It's a pretty decent exclusive that you should be able to get for cheap.

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MS had some pretty good exclusive deals in the first years of the 360 but sadly now all their efforts are on the Kinect. Frankly the only game I see as an advantage for MS, as far as console only gamers, is Witcher 2. MS, imo, made a huge mistake in spending millions upon millions in securing 3rd and 2nd party exclusives then investing that money in buying and/or developing their own in house studios. I have a feeling this mistake will come to bite them on the ass come next gen of consoles.

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You've pretty much played all big games on the PS3, so it would be pointless to buy a 360 this late. I guess after playing so much COD you don't really care for a better frame rate, controls or multi player functionality all the sudden right? So just stick with PS3.

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If there are no games you want to play on it, then why in the name of fuck did you buy a 360?

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Go play Geometry Wars and Bastion right now.

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to answer the question of why i picked up a 360, it was 95 bucks at a local pawn shop for the 360s with everything included. for that price, i felt it was worth finding out whether or not the live system was superior (it is however wtf is up with the points system. MS please give me the option to have everything converted to dollars). also wanted to see if there was any more of the jet engine sounds when playing anything on the old style 360's as well as thought there were more exlusives other than forza, fable, halo and gears that i may enjoy. i did pick up alan wake and am giving it a shot later today, also decided to get reach so i could give halo more of a fair shot seeing as i essentialy played an hour or 2 here and there at a friends house. reach so far (new alexandria escort done, met up with whats left of noble team and am flying a helicopter somewhere) has proved to be a little more than what my opinion formerly was, and the multiplayer while still frustrating and i wind up on a rotation of the same 4 maps when i do play is oddly addicting mainly due to the whole added emphases on head shots unlike cod, and swat mode is piqueing my interest slowly but surely. other than that its a nice break from years of ps3 and pc. graphics wise, the biggest difference between the 2 systems ive noticed is colors feel warmer on the 360, but frequently while playing reach ive had multiple framerate drops and an odd almost ghosting type animation occasionaly while reloading (and yes i installed reach to HD). thank you all for your input it is apreciated.

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the enter button

press it

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@bigdaddyt: With a PS3 and PC being put to active use I don't think theres many games you're able to really get - especially since you don't dig Gears or Halo. Of course you could start getting cross platform titles on 360 but whats the point of that. At this point I don't think there are any real 360 exclusives on the horizon but I'm not super sure on that. Try Warp - I don't think it's out for PS3 yet as it's part of the 360 house party deal. Fun little puzzle action game.

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There's not really anything your missing you cant get on PC or PS3. If you're just looking for XBOX exclusives that is. 
As for Halo, I agree. I find it dull as well. I get why people like it, but its not for me either. 
And bare in mind I use all the gaming platforms- I don't find any console to be the best or have any kind of biased really. I used XBOX the most just because I just tend to be able to get games for that easier and the online stuff is better. None of my reasons for that are really any big deal and now that I have my new computer i'll be back to PC first again (due to being on my PC all the time for work anyway) and the XBOX would collect more dust if it wasnt for the fact that I use the Netflix all the time- again out of convenience haha. Game wise all the exclusive games worth playing (read: popular) you don't like OR they are on multiple platforms.  
Alan Wake, for instance, is on PC now. You should probably play that on PC- I hear they improved it.

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look at CornBREDX and DragoonKain1687 posts in this thread.

note they use a lot of text but are able to make it infinitely more readable.

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yea i tend to ramble without the enter button, i write massive quantities of papers at school where i dont hit enter until the paragraph is over so force of habit i apologize for that. also i am going to do some research and find which cross platform games scored higher on 360 than ps3 and maybe give some of those a shot. i distinctly remember one but will have to look through some older GI's to find it. thanks again all

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@bigdaddyt: You may be thinking of Bayonetta. I don't know if they ever fixed the PS3 version but at launch it had horrible loads on PS3.
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PC Pro Tip: make liberal use of the Shift and Enter keys when typing.

@isomeri said:

Go play Geometry Wars and Bastion right now.


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so random question for you all...i cannot get xbox and pc to share media connection. firewall's are off on pc, and router. media sharing is enabled, pc see's and allows xbox sharing, xbox sees pc but does not connect. ports reccomended by ms are open, anti virus is avast due to media sharing issues with both norton and avg. have scoured forums and ms website for issues but cant find anything. also, was able to set up media center sharing between the 2 for one night, but when i turned xbox on the next day issues resumed and havent gone away.

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If Halo turns into a who is gonna melee first situation then your doing it wrong. Gears of War slow? I always thought it moved at a nice pace. Especially Gears 3. The 360 isnt all that rich with exclusive games since most end up finding there way onto the PC as well. Forza 2 is worth looking into even though your a Gran Turismo fan since its rather cheap. Your not into XBLA but I still recommend checking out Geometry Wars which is pretty amazing and well XBLA is full of a lot of other really great stuff if given the chance. Alan Wake is pretty good too.

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