Holiday/Birthday Buying help?

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My Birthday's next week and I'm in the market for a good Xbox360 game. I already have Dark Souls and MW3 and love the shit out of them. But I do have my eye on Skryim, although it doesn't look promising because of it's lack of story and good combat. But I'm also considering Halo: CE anniversary, since that's why I play video games, and maybe Deus Ex?

I'm looking for a purchase that will last me a while, but everyone seems to unanimously screem SKYRIM. What do you recommend, and why?

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I would recomend Skyrim, but other then that Neir, becuse there are like 4 whole storylines in Neir.

#3 Posted by DarthOrange (3806 posts) -

If you want it to last you a while the only thing that will last you longer than Skyrim is a Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 if your into fighting games.

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@Dagbiker said:

I would recomend Skyrim, but other then that Neir, becuse there are like 4 whole storylines in Neir.

May I ask What did you like about it, or What do you think are the good/bad points about it?

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I'm actually not into fighting games, but I wouldn't mind getting into it.

#6 Posted by Dagbiker (6938 posts) -

Skyrim has so much to do that it would take you hundreds of hours to complete, the combat system is simple, but i like it, and random dragons are awesome even after the 10th time.

Neir is a Jrpg, but one of a few for the Xbox, it uses a bullet hell fighting system, but in 3d. I guess i just like how unique it is.

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That sounds very interesting. But is it a good game?

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