I...I Think I'm Done With My 360

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hey man pc gamn is prtty cool you can get 60 fps in 1080 p which i cant lie sounds bomb


im sensn some of that sarcasm but hey i saw in motion it looks bomb no lie.


@The_Ruiner said:

Bought my 360 about 5 years late and I'm still pretty happy with it. Mostly because it's where my friends are... I do play a lot more games on Steam these days... but I tend to have my 360 running netflix while I do that...so yeah...the magic isn't gone yet...

That's because you bought into the system later, I wasn't far off from the launch date so it's obvious why I'm basically done with the system.

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Since PC versions have improved so much, I only plug my 360 in for 3 or 4 times a year. I'd recommend against selling it though. You'll probably be sad that you did a few years down the line.

How? By not being able to play a game that randomly gives me the urge to revisit? Not worth it.

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While you do need to go with the consoles where your friends are at, you might not want to sell it just on the off chance of wanting the next one & transferring your stuff from the existing 360 to the new one (if that's an option).

I'm not sure how that will work out but I'm hedging my bets that all the games and stuff I bought will continue to be tied to my account also MS is really going to have to surprise me cuz I'm really not interested in buying the next Xbox.

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(because I prefer the controller)

Wired 360 controller or wireless receiver + wireless controller = problem solved unless you just don't have the hardware to run those games at an acceptable setting.

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I would have stopped at 7 X Boxes. I've had 2 and I'm on my 3rd. Just happens to be a Gears 360. My issue with consoles in general is the lifespan of the hardware. All 3 of the major systems this gen have failed on me through no fault of mine. It irritates the hell out of me that my consoles from generations before still work fine. This really just makes me want to go all in with PC gaming, and I've played games on consoles almost exclusively since the 80's, only recently deviating because of Steam sales and GB.

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I have used my Xbox very frequently in the last 6 months...entirely to play Forza. And even when I'm doing that, I'm thinking "Christ, this would look and sound so much better if it was on the PC".

I think we have to accept that the sort of person who hangs out on Giant Bomb a lot is not the target audience for the Xbox, and hasn't been for years. And why should it be? We can justify spending the premium for gaming PC because they are multipurpose devices, and in the long run are cheaper to buy games for. A person who doesn't buy many games, and may not even want a desktop computer, is much more suited to the games-in-a-box approach. Basically, I think that the only reason gamers tend to have a fondness for consoles is that they were all we could afford when we were kids. It's more nostalgia than a rational decision.

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Sold the 360 in my apartment for my graphics card. It was a fine trade off.

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(because I prefer the controller)

Wired 360 controller or wireless receiver + wireless controller = problem solved unless you just don't have the hardware to run those games at an acceptable setting.

Oh, I have the wireless receiver and that is exactly what I do, I was referring to games that are only on 360/PS3. The only games I buy for 360 are games that aren't on PC and don't have a meaningful online component (I cancelled Live). Everything else I get is either PC or PS3.

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Yeah, I'm seeing myself being a Wii-PC guy more and more. The Wii U actually looks like it may be see a purchase from me by the end of the year, which is pretty soon considering I have a hefty quota of games a console must have before I buy it. Didn't expect that. The 360 gets almost no exclusives I'm interested in anymore (Fez was the only one from last year, but I'm just holding out for the PC release. I prefer 2D platformers on PC or handhelds for some reason). Gold service is pretty horrible, and they still plaster ads everywhere. I still prefer the 360 controller to other alternatives, but that's just a drop in the bucket at this point (and I have a good knockoff 360 controller for my PC). So I'm in this weird spot where I still play most multiplat games on my 360 now, but have no intention of getting the next generation of Microsoft's console.

As for the PS4...maybe? I only got a PS3 in 2011 (that's how long it took for it to meet my quota). Sony does pull in some fantastic exclusives, but I also despise the PS3 interface and controller. I don't even want to turn on my PS3 now, despite my massive backlog for it. I know that when I turn it on, I'll have to download a firmware update, install whatever game I want to play, and patch the game before I actually start playing. Meanwhile I have all these PC games that are just a single click away from me playing them.

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Had a 360 since launch and I sold it a month ago (£200 with all my games, fuck yes). I didn't use it since Red Dead, it's really got nothing to offer anymore.

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My 360 just got traded in for a WiiU, I was fed up of it taking up space under my TV, my PS3 deals with all my gaming, netflix and FREE online needs.

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Great write-up duder! This made me realize that I'm in the same boat as you. I bought a 360 at launch and now I'm on my third console, a slim. The Xbox 360 may be my favorite video game console ever. The birth of indie developers, proliferation of online gaming, tons of great new franchise s and a fantastic controller. However, I find myself powering up my 360 very rarely anymore apart from some Forza or Halo matches with friends. That being said, my PS3 gets even less use and I sold my Wii two years ago.

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Yeah. I haven't turned my Xbox 360 on for about six months. :/

This but add a year onto that 6 months. I bought it and used it for about a week, then never used it again. Yay.

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@Claude said:

I bought a PC to compete with the 360 in 2005. Best decision I ever made. I finally bought a 360 in 2008. Video Games.

Good thing this is a video game website.

@ll_Exile_ll: Gotcha, that's what I've been doing but all of the 360 exclusives have dried up.

@Cerevisiae: I'll probably go with the PS4 over next Xbox but I won't be getting it at launch, waiting for the first price drop will be long enough to see where those consoles stand and if I'm still interested in either one.

@isomeri said:

Great write-up duder! This made me realize that I'm in the same boat as you. I bought a 360 at launch and now I'm on my third console, a slim. The Xbox 360 may be my favorite video game console ever. The birth of indie developers, proliferation of online gaming, tons of great new franchise s and a fantastic controller. However, I find myself powering up my 360 very rarely anymore apart from some Forza or Halo matches with friends. That being said, my PS3 gets even less use and I sold my Wii two years ago.

Thanks and yeah the slow death of Gears's multiplayer is what did it for me plus realizing that the rare matches I played on it are just no longer worth it.

@AlexW00d: Just sell it.

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@Colourful_Hippie: I don't think I'll get much for a first gen elite. Might just keep it forever. As a sign. A warning. Ha.

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Thanks for the inhale, J.

His pants are so baggy.

I was just thinking the same thing! He looks like a fuckin dirt squirrel.
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Man I could never let go of a console one I have one. I made that mistake before with my first N64, and I regretted it so much. I love going back and playing old shit.

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I understand now! PC Gaming is the one true master race!

Welcome, brother. We have been expecting you...

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Can't say I agree with the ps3 having better exclusives. Now, I do love my metal gear solid 4. One of my favorite moments this generation. But a good 80% of the first party games are so soulless. Killzone 2-3 look great, but they don't have a story that makes you care about it. Or a memorable soundtrack. Resistence 1-3 had terrible, rushed single player maps. The multiplayer would be the only reason to keep playing. Uncharted 2 was great. 3 and 1 had nothing memorable about them, other than the idiotic forced QTEs in 3. Rachet & clank never clicked.

The 360 is just so better rounded. If you don't have a reasonably powered pc, this is the system to own. For sure. Almost every multiplatform game is better on it. Now unlike competitors, I can't think of anything microsoft has taken away in functionality. But, until the newest slim, 360s broke. Alot. I'm on my 3rd. My launch system lasted until my playthrough of modern warfare 1 at launch. 2nd system lasted until crysis 2. But if you have a decently powered pc, its a tougher keep.

The main thing is, do you want to play the amazing exclusives already released and years past again? If so, the 360 certainly is better. After 2008, 1st party microsoft exclusives kindof just stopped. I don't see the new consoles later in the year playing ps3/360 games. The ps3 can barely emulate ps2 games without basically a ps2 in it. Even the 360 struggles on some games. The rumored based on ati 6670/7670 chipsets the new systems are supposed to use, are barely powerful enough to play battlefield 3 on pc if that says anything.

I don't know Xbox is a fine system and sure everyone has opinions but i think you are selling PlayStation short. It all comes down to the exclusives you like and really what you have spent the most time with. One thing is clear in my mind tho, Sony does have the edge on exclusives. Now if none of these exclusive matter to you then fine no harm done. But Uncharted 1,2,& 3 are all pretty steller games. Killzone and resistence are fine never been my cup of tea. But you can't ignore games like Journey, Ni no Kuni, Heavy Rain, Demon's Soul, Little Big Planet, 3d Dot Game heroes, i could name more but the point is that's what Sony is going all out on is exclusive and xbox really does not need to or at least they believe so.

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I'm starting to feel just like you. I'm very slowly getting into PC gaming and the more I buy and play games on Steam the less I'm on my 360 these days. I fullt believe that the only thing that is standing between me and being a full time PC gamer is...well a better PC.

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I can't say I'm done with it for good because xbox live comes out with some jems every now and then like mark of ninja and dust. But other then that exclusive have been less and less exciting. Now that Mass Effect is done i don't really have any franchise that tie me to the system. Now all the exclusives like halo, gears, and forza (all awesome games) i just don't care about at all. So i hope Xbox blows the door off come e3 with exclusives and xbox 720.

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I'm a simple man, so I'll probably just keep playing Halo 4 until GTA5 comes out. After that, good-bye to this entire generation, and hello Animal Crossing: New Leaf haha

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@phantomzxro: Yup, Sony's exclusives I ended up getting the best experiences out of. I only liked Killzone 2 and 3 for their multiplayer and the visuals, but the rest I liked nearly everything about them.

@MikkaQ said:

Man I could never let go of a console one I have one. I made that mistake before with my first N64, and I regretted it so much. I love going back and playing old shit.

I don't know, for older consoles sure but with the 360 I feel like it's easier to let go cuz most of the games I have for it are already on PC and are better versions so I'm technically not ditching everything behind.

@Nux: That time will come, soon your eyes will be open.

@Gunslinger0130 said:

@JasonR86 said:

@Colourful_Hippie said:

Thanks for the inhale, J.

His pants are so baggy.

I was just thinking the same thing! He looks like a fuckin dirt squirrel.
Be nice to Allard
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I got rid of my all my 360 games shortly after buying a PS3 last year. I just didn't want to deal with them hiding everything good behind Gold, stopped caring about achievements, the dash sucked ass and it sounded like a jet taking off. Also, I hadn't used it for anything other than watching videos for months before that (but the noise kinda ticked me off while doing that). So instead of buying a new one I just got a PS3 instead, gave me a Bluray player and I learned to love the controller (I hated it before) The sales on PSN are also better ^^ Bought so much stuff.

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@Sogeman: I really like your avatar.

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It's interesting, I once rooted for Xbox, now I just want people to open their eyes a little so that Microsoft is forced to step up their game.

Funny, this thread mirrors my own a few months ago.

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The only 360 exclusive I can think of that I'm looking forward to is Lococycle.

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Getting into steam killed my Xbox usage for me more or less. I have a PS3 as well but that's for just for a media server plus some exclusives every now and then. I am probably not going to buy a Next Gen console just going to stick with the PC.

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Yeah, pretty much that. PC offers better prices, performance and services. PSN+ has made Xbox live gold seem like an out dated joke.

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I went through the same shit you did, but I jumped ship to PC about 2 years ago.

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@big_jon: Hopefully they aren't arrogant with the next console but all I know is that they are going to need a lot more than just more Halo to rope me back in for another system. Also the big push for more Kinect shit in the next system is something I don't give a shit about.

@runcrash said:

The only 360 exclusive I can think of that I'm looking forward to is Lococycle.

Forgot about that game. Shame cuz that will be the only thing I'll be missing out on then but I'm not waiting till Summer of Arcade to play it.

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I seem to dislike Microsoft and the 360 more each year after they continue to make their software worse and fail to bring interesting exclusives to the platform. (XBLA games barely count, the ones worth having come to Steam)

Not to worry, there's a new Gears coming!


I won't be buying the next set of consoles because I'll be at university, it'll be PC all the way like it currently is more or less. And I can't take my any of my things to Japan anyway because of the voltage differences, which is pretty annoying...

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i actually just got a ps3 but there are only a handful of games i am excited for on it. i mostly justified the purchase for the blu ray player, ni no kuni, and the ability to play the last of us and the last guardian in the future. the ps3 exclusives of the past have never interested me . . im enjoying my ps3 thoroughly right now , playing ni no kuni, and i had a great experience with journey. but looking back, if i chose a ps3 over a 360 i would have had a long time of being increasingly disappointed with its offering.

the amount of great/amazing games on xbox live arcade and the big titles, and the online functionality, just completely blow everything the ps3 has had out of the water , in my opinion. and the games that the ps3 shared, or eventually got later on, were much better suited to being played on a controller that allows for accurate and quick movements.. which the ps3 does not have unless you buy a 3rd party and i have yet to find a good one.

so thats my idea of it. ive been playing games like BF3 with my laptop plugged into the tv. i feel like this generation is over. the games coming out for these consoles now are awesome but the graphical difference between the PC and console versions causes me grief. i dont actually like PC gaming for a bunch of reasons. i much prefer the console experience. the new consoles cant be announced soon enough.

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In my opinion without exclusive games what good is a console when the PC can do it better, even mid range laptops can compete. Thankfully Sony still has a few remaining exclusives for this year but where's Microsofts?

#84 Posted by HadesTimes (887 posts) -

I've been really pondering this new console cycle. I'm sure there will be good exclusives and probably have some other hidden, unrevealed thing that will make one of them cool. But is that enough? I guess time and games will tell; but without exclusives for XBOX and Playstation; I'm a PC fan all the way. Even if the new consoles have comparable graphics to modern PCs. All we have to do is buy new video cards. I think this 7 year console cycle was the biggest mistake the industry has EVER made.

I will probably keep my current consoles for at least another year. I have a lot of games to catch up on and all the fighting games I play regularly are only on console. But after that, it will be up to Sony and Microsoft to sell me on something new. Kinect, Move, and apps are not going to do it. If the graphics and games aren't there... Then I'll just use my console money to buy a new graphics card and be about my business.

#85 Posted by MedalOfMode (314 posts) -

I agree. I Will buy next XBOX.

#86 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

@Cold_Wolven: There's GoW: Judgment but that's pretty much it. I bet MS is going full steam ahead on the next console.

#87 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2386 posts) -

@Colourful_Hippie said:

@Cold_Wolven: There's GoW: Judgment but that's pretty much it. I bet MS is going full steam ahead on the next console.

I hope so and here's hoping for at least one killer app launch title from them.

#88 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

Heh, Gears 3 being the pinnacle of the series. Don't get me wrong, I love the franchise to death, but no other entry in the series will top the original's multiplayer. Obviously, technical and graphical improvements make the other two look superior, but I'll take Gears 1 over the latter any day of the week.

#89 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Dude. GTAV. September 17th. After that, THEN you can be done with your 360. Also, BioShock 3 looks pretty freaking incredible.

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@TheGreatGuero: If you read then you would have noticed that my PC is used for third party games. I'm getting Infinite for PC and you missed the part about me having a Ps3. If I really wanted to play GTA V on consoles I'll get the Ps3 version.

@mcderby4: For me it's Gears 3> 1> 2

Gears 1 is plagued by insane host advantage, overpowered shotguns, and weak rifles, apart from the hammerburst, and don't get me started on the bullshit one hit down sniper rifle active reload. You're crazy if you think that MP is the pinnacle.

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The reason why I don't play my 360 much is because I don't pay for Xbox Live and I've had too many hardware frustrations with the thing that I just don't trust it anymore. I could buy a Slim if I wanted, but seeing as how most games this gen are multiplats and the 360 only has a couple exclusives I care for, I don't think it's worth it.

Just my opinion though.

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A very enjoyable read :) I would say I am 3/4 through my xbox 360 life :D still a lot of good games coming out that I will buy for it and I still have a back log of games I need to play!

#93 Posted by haggis (1674 posts) -

I own two 360s, had two red rings (one on each) had them fixed for free and no future issues. Of my circle of friends (about ten 360s altogether) I'm the only one who had issues. I wonder if it was partly a regional thing, since we all got the consoles around the same time.

Anyway, I'm not as down on Microsoft as some here are. I like the console and the Dashboard. I don't particularly care about exclusives anymore (I think exclusivity is going to be increasingly rare, given the market). I've been using the 360 less, mostly because I've been playing less. I sold my PS3 a while back, after having not played it for months. Didn't regret it then, and don't now. I gave up on PC gaming because I didn't like the constant upgrade cycle. To some degree, that's lessened--even current games will often run on older hardware, something that wasn't necessarily true back in 2004 and 2005 when I decided to take a break from PC gaming. Prices are also down quite a bit. It makes PC gaming far more attractive than it used to be. Still, I'm not interested in having a desktop PC around, when what I really use is a laptop.

I don't think I'm done with my 360 yet. There are still a few games from last year I need to play. But there's maybe one or two games this year, then nothing. I haven't decided if I'll buy a next-gen system or not, but right now I'm leaning toward whatever Microsoft is going to offer. I may well go with Sony depending on features, but I'm happy with the MS ecology in my home right now, with media serving, etc. There would have to be a compelling reason to switch.

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Although the MGS HD Collection and Halo 4 have made me switch on my Xbox 360 a little bit more these past few weeks.

I already posted in here. What a doof. I stand by my comments, however.

#95 Posted by DeathByWaffle (705 posts) -

My 360 still gets a lot of use, but that's mostly in playing older games or watching Netflix (I've actually been playing Gears of War 3 a lot also, coincidentally). There are really only a couple of games that I still am really excited for this generation: GTAV, Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls; unfortunately the blu-ray player in my old PS3 just died, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get access to those last two games. There are some really great games that I love on the PS3 (Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Valkyria Chronicles, Infamous), but I've always played all of my multiplatform games on 360 so it's really my console of choice still. I am definitely ready for the new systems to be introduced to give a breath of fresh air into all this.

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Great story man. Makes me kinda wary of getting an Xbox, even a cheap one... I would only get it for Halo 4 and Gears.... Arrrg... I really need to think about this some more I guess. I just do not want to miss out on Gears... Really.

PS! Can you get Ni No Kuni on PSN btw?

#97 Posted by newslowsad (76 posts) -

I can definitely relate to the OP in several ways. I had a lot of great times with my fat 20GB 360. So many hours of crucial gameplay while living in my parents' terrible basement. I eventually moved out and got married. I also finally got a PS3 a couple years back and got tired of paying for Live. There wasn't anything I was dying to play on 360 that I couldn't get on the PS3, so I finally sold my 360 in 2012. Time is even tighter now that I have started graduate school. Hell, I should be writing a paper right now instead of boarding here! The only thing I've been playing online as of late is NBA 2K13. The rest of my game time is dedicated to single-player experiences, much like the OP. My hope is that I will start to get back into multiplayer games on the PS4. Thank god they are throwing in a headset and seem to be learning some lessons from XBL's online community.

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@conzed92: The slim xbox's out there are a lot more reliable now, you wouldn't have to worry about the red ring threat and yes ni no kuni is on PSN but it require a lot of HDD space.

@newslowsad: I'm starting to reach an early realization that I may just have to give up on multiplayer sometime down the road, at least playing it long term. I'll be in the situation where I won't be able to keep up with younger crowds in some games who have more time to sink and get better at it. I'll probably have fun the first week then that's it because I just won't be able to dedicate time to playing more and learning maps, techniques, etc. I'm just happy that I can play Gears well without needing to continually practice but that's about coming to an end with the dead community and arrival of new consoles....at least there's always Team Fortess 2.

#99 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (928 posts) -

I still don't understand the hatred for the netflix app. It's still the one I prefer using.

#100 Posted by Humanity (11851 posts) -

Been playing Tomb Raider on 360 and it looks and runs pretty well, although sometimes a bit framey in the rain (and it rains CONSTANTLY) but I bet the game looks pretty damn good on PC.

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