I'm looking for a really good arcade stick for 360.

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I'm buying a bunch of fighting games and I guess ya need one of these to suck less at fighting games.

I've gotta have one with 8 buttons that won't break for no reason. I don't care about "throwability" because I don't throw things like a caveman.

That's it.

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I have a Hori Fighting Stick EX2. It's a 6-button square gate stick that's really good for beginners. It's relatively cheap as well. The only problems are it's a wired stick with a USB and the RB and LB buttons are at the top of board so more complex fighters are going to be a bit hard use. Great for Capcom fighters.

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If you want a stick you have three choices;

A) You buy a Mad Catz stick and possibly replace the stick/buttons to another brand if needed,

B) Commission one to be made, this is absolutely not cheap but depending on who you go with can get you an amazing looking stick, or my personal favorite;

C) Build your own. They're not that hard to put together, especially if you only want a single system attached to it. The hardest part is getting a case, and if you own, or know someone who owns a Dremel even that's easy as sin.

This was the last picture I took of my stick before I decided to dual mod it for 360/PS3/PSX, and probably Dreamcast soon, as well as light-up buttons.

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1. Which option is least expensive?

2. Are Mad Catz sticks actually good? I've had mostly bad experiences with every other Mad Catz accessory I've owned.

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Yes, they are. A lot of the best players use the Tournament Edition sticks. Durable and has nice parts, but it usually costs $150. So they're easy and reliable, but rather expensive.

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The Mad Catz sticks are actually pretty well made and are regarded fairly well in the fighting game community, especially the Tournament Editions. Their less pricey brethren are fairly decent but you'll probably want to replace the buttons and stick on, depending on your preference. Quanba sticks are pretty good, but they're a bit pricier then the Tournament Edition stick.

As for making a stick it's honestly as pricey as you make it. With a 8 button setup, as well as a start and select (maybe a home button or you can program start+select to be home) would set you back $40, a stick around $30, and that leaves whatever PCB, case and misc wiring and whatnot.

If you're just looking at price, grab a Brawl Stick (you can change the art if need be), or if you can manage to hunt one down, get a used Tournament Edition, even if it's not working it's probably a super easy fix.

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I would say find a Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick. I saw one on Shoryuken's trading outlet forum for about $80. They are dirt cheap now (used of course).
If you have a bit more money, try getting an Eightarc Fusion stick in case you wanna play with a friend who has a PS3.

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Hori also makes wonderful arcade sticks for 360/PS3. I own a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA, cost me $115 about a year ago (the prices have gone up since then I see though). It uses all Sanwa parts (there is a seimitsu variety as well) and works perfectly on a PC as well.

Hori is a much better company than mad-catz. They made 1 good product for fighting game fans with strong Capcom endorsement, so they had to actually make it with a little bit of quality, as opposed to every other product they make which have been notorious for either being crappily designed or manufactured. The hori stick is solid and very easy to work with if you ever want to customize it or swap something out.

Building your own stick can be very rewarding, and there are many resources for this on sites like shoryuken. If you want a pre-built well priced top-notch stick for 360/pc though, I suggest you check the Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA.

Edit: here's a link to a shoryuken thread that goes over most of these: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/what-stick-controller-should-i-buy-read-the-guide-on-pg-1-before-posting.137321/

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EDIT: For some reason I thought you were looking for affordable sticks. If you want the best then just get the Mad Catz Tournament Edition - those are currently the best stock option without modding.

I had the same predicament a while ago and made a thread about it, in fact some fine people from this thread gave me advice. I ended up getting the collectors edition of Tekken 6 for 360 that comes with a wireless HORI arcade stick thats 8 button.

I think I bought the whole bundle, the game, with artbook everything etc for less than $30 so it was a great deal. The stick itself is great for a beginner like me. Some things became easier while others were harder due to being used to some motions on the pad.

A lot of people shit on the HORI sticks online, especially the wireless one because it's so small and light - but those are usually MadCatz TE snobs. "IT's SO light, what a piece of shit!" I think for beginners it's a great stick. It synchs with the 360 wirelessly and I've not noticed any input lag but then I'm not a pro or anything. The FIRST day I had it something weird happened to the left direction input on the stick itself. I opened the whole thing up, tightened all the screws etc and have not had any issues with it since.

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TE Stick - $149.99 
SE Stick - somewhere around $79.99 
Eightarc Dualmod sticks - $149.99-184.99 
HORI SCV stick - $149.99 
Take a swing which one. Yeah.  http://eightarc.com/qanba-q4-black. Personally, as someone who owns a PS3 and having a bajillion friends with only 360, this is a lifesaver (though personally, the Fusions are a better design). Dual mods can be hella expensive on TE's, and annoying to configure, but this is literally just a switch. However, if you're on the cheap and willing to mod (i.e. solder about sixteen things and unscrew some shit): 

http://etokki.com/Arcade-Buttons/Crown-CWB203C-Green (x8, and different colors, these were just the ones in my bookmarks)


~$80 for a good Korean style stick. Add another 20 for a replacement joystick and you have an excellent Korean stick. I use this for my PS2 games, but it works fine on PS3. A 360 converter costs about 20 bucks if you don't buy from MS, so a total of ~$100-120 (varies w/ shipping ofc) and a little bit of legwork versus $150+shipping for guaranteed excellent design and easily moddable artwork. If you're serious at all, either is perfect, but I'd definitely recommend Eightarc over MadCatz.  
EDIT: By the way, playing on pad is perfectly acceptable and tons of great players are pad players. Unfortunately, you're on 360. However, take a look at Fanatiq or Wolfkrone as two examples of phenomenal pad players in Capcom games, or a large group of Namco players.  
EDIT2: Oh shit, I forgot about the All-Star stick. Fuck what I was saying and get one of those if you're gonna mod. 

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