Insane Arcade Release List

#1 Posted by Triforceowner (16 posts) -
#2 Posted by HydraHam (1338 posts) -

Castle Crashers is the only one on that list im dying to get my hands on


#3 Posted by Glitch (54 posts) -

That's a lot of awesome games

#4 Posted by zdmetal2101 (63 posts) -

where's my nostalgic Magic the Gathering game? Haven't played that since like 3rd or 4th grade lol.

#5 Posted by MsCortana (429 posts) -

Galaga Legions looked great from what I saw at E3

#6 Posted by Arestice (468 posts) -

I'm sad Geometry Wars 2 isn't Coop over Live. Despite the fact that even a tiny bit of lag would kill you.

#7 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

Castle Crashers is probably the only one I will buy. I would get GW2 if it had online co-op, but since it doesn't forget it. I still suck at the first one anyway.

#8 Posted by SlimDogg (159 posts) -

Geo Wars 2 and Bionic Commando . Finally ....cant wait.

#9 Posted by shadowjak (456 posts) -

Geometry Wars 2 I'll definitely get, same with Galaga. Castle Crashers I'll have to demo first.

#10 Posted by mjwickstrom1 (186 posts) -

I'll be getting Geo Wars 2, and maybe Galaga Legions.

#11 Posted by mjwickstrom1 (186 posts) -

I'll be getting Geo Wars 2, and maybe Galaga Legions.

#12 Posted by Shaolin_Munkeh (66 posts) -

It's all about Braid, if that doesn't sell 1 million in its first week then it's a great shame and I shall cry :(

#13 Posted by BlindEffekt (917 posts) -

Im just interested in geometry wars 2.

#14 Posted by KiLL3r (98 posts) -

Geometry wars 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, and Castle Crashers for me. Galaga Legions didn't do nothing for me, Braid looks good but I feel that's going to be an easy game. I Might consider buying braid depending on peoples reactions.

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