Is it just me or is the cloud save feature really terrible

#1 Posted by Spam101 (163 posts) -

I was really excited at the prospect of getting some value out of my xbl subscription. Finally XBL had come up with something i wanted to use.

Then i find out the saves don't automatically sync like steam.

they expect me to manually transfer my hundreds of historic game saves.

To keep up to date with any game i'm currently playing i'd have to commit my save game to the cloud and constantly manually back it up to my hard-drive or vice versa to avoid not having access to my game should the internet or their servers pack in.

Not to mention totally confusing myself with which source i'm supposed to be loading from and copying to at any given time.

It's so tediously useless I'm just pretending it was never announced.

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14282 posts) -

I haven't been using it myself, but they were saying on the Bombcast it has some serious issues like leaving local files and cloud files all out of sync. Reading and listening to stuff like this makes me not want to use the cloud saving at all.

#3 Posted by believer258 (12819 posts) -

I never used it. Maybe it's just because I'm old-fashioned, but I'd rather just keep up with a flash drive than rely on someone else's servers. Besides, cloud storage for game saves doesn't seem to be working too well for anyone as of now.

#4 Posted by Omnomnivore (2940 posts) -

I like it.

#5 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -
#6 Posted by Ninja (584 posts) -

I think I'm too 20th century for cloud save. I don't trust the internet as being stable enoguh to be always on, so I prefer to have all my data stored locally. If internet was 100% reliable then I might want to use it, but between connection issues and service issues relating to microsofts handling of cloud saves it isn't for me.

The complaint Ryan had, that there was no date/time stamp to identify which save is which is a completely valid complaint though. I also couldn't imagine the hassle of having multiple consoles to deal with saves on. I have enough hassle with the two Xbox 360s that I own.

#7 Posted by Fasckira (67 posts) -

I love using cloud storage to save my games, and have had zero problems with the process. I've never tried to change storage locations mid save-file though between local and cloud though, nor have I ever went to the effort of trying to keep a local and a cloud copy up to date manually.

#8 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -

I never use cloud for anything, just don't trust it, much prefer having a 'physical' copy of my data.

#9 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Fuck Cloud saves. When are you ever gonna take a single-player game save to a friend's house and make him watch you play? Multiplayer games don't even need saves.

#10 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

I love it because it works.

#11 Posted by Village_Guy (2769 posts) -

It works fine for me, though I barely use it since I don't have a reason to.

Also "Is it just me..." counts as a "Am I the only one..." - so shame on you.

#12 Posted by RoboRobb (1088 posts) -

It was down when I recently attempted to use it for Mass Effect 3. That's the end of that!

#13 Posted by Walker_after_dark (87 posts) -

I was using cloud saves until I had a major syncing problem and had to go back to a many-hours older save. I also tend to keep a lot of saves and I don't like the space limitation that you get with the cloud. Back to the flash drive for me.

#14 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

@James_Giant_Peach said:

I never use cloud for anything, just don't trust it, much prefer having a 'physical' copy of my data.

Cloud services are infinitely more reliable than a mechanical hard drive which is what the 360 uses.

Don't really see the point in the service except for easy backing up. Cloud saves are more important for PC gamers due to not having to worry about losing saved games after reformatting your computer.

#15 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Being distrustful of "The Cloud" is like preferring horses to automobiles because you think they're powered by demons.

Cloud storage is legit, it's the interstitial tech that introduces the problems.

#16 Posted by lil_cheeks (184 posts) -

I love the cloud save feature. I only use it for when I go to a friends house, i no longer have to take my memory stick with me. Its minor but it has worked great so far.

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