Issues with external hard drives and xbox 360

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I'm sure someone here has an answer to a problem I've been struggling to figure out..

I bought a new Seagate 2TB HDD which I intended to load up with all my video files so that I'm able to keep my computer hard drive clean, and so that I can simply plug it into my xbox to watch my stuff. I've been using a USB stick to do more or less this same exact for a long time now, but I figured it was about time I upgraded to a higher capacity storage. I already knew that the xbox can only read fat32 or the Mac Journaled partition formats, but after buying the drive and trying each of those two formats, my xbox is still not allowing me to open up and explore my drive when it's plugged in.

I guess my query is two-fold ;

1) Is there a reason that my xbox wouldn't be happy with my hard drive? (and is there an obvious work-around?), and;

2) Is there a current on-the-shelf hard drive that is confirmed to work out of the box? (tried doing a google search for this, but all I got was info that woulda been really helpful 4 years ago)

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Video files, right?

If I'm not mistaken, isn't there some kind of 4GB limitation on files on fat32 formatted drives? Are any of them larger than that? And will any of the files at all play?

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You're correct, there is a 4GB file size limit on any one file in fat32. However all the files I have are well under that, so I don't think thats my issue.

Normally when I use a USB stick I'll go into the video player, and choose 'device' or whatever it's called from the menu. However when the hard drive is plugged in, that option simply remains greyed out.

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Well, I dunno if anyone has a more useful solution or not, but I figured I'd share what I've figured out, just in case anyone else has this issue.

Basically I read that a partition won't be read if it's over 120GB, regardless of the formatting of the drive. I partitioned it into two halves, one 120GB, and the other 1.88TB. Just as I was told, the xbox immediately recognised the smaller partition, and we're happy days. Shame I couldn't just keep it all on one partition, but thats a bit of a first world problem.

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