I've got 800 Microsoft Points, what should I get?

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Hey there, open to pretty much any XBLA game or a few good indie ones... suggest something to me? =D

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The Walking Dead or FEZ  
Actually, wait. Add 400 more points and then get both! 

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Wait for Trials to go on sale.

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yeah as everyone said, fez.

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Like three Gears 3 skins.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Fez.

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Fez is awesommmmme.

Or you could buy Doom (400 points) AND Sonic CD (400 points). Or replace one of those with The Walking Dead episode one.

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Hmm, well, seems like the unanimous answer here is the Gears 3 skins...... or Fez, I'll go with Fez, thanks.

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Is super meat boy 800 points? Have you played super meat boy? If you answered yes and no, than get super meat boy!

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@nick_verissimo said:

Is super meat boy 800 points? Have you played super meat boy? If you answered yes and no, than get super meat boy!

I think it was 800 for a month after release but then went up to 1200. Still, a grerat game.

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Bionic Commando ReArmed! Honestly there's like a hundred sweet games on XBLA.

#16 Posted by Jothel (893 posts) -

Should say, already have Super Meat Boy, both trials and Bionic Commando

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My Notebook: Green.

Oh, wait...

#19 Posted by Bollard (5024 posts) -

@AndrewB said:

My Notebook: Green.

Oh, wait...

That's only available on the far superior Nintendo branded download service :(

#20 Posted by mscupcakes (610 posts) -

You could get a pretty cool hat for your avatar and have points to spare!

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And here's what I got... thanks all!

#23 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8060 posts) -

Doom II

#24 Posted by abdo (1037 posts) -

Daytona USA. But you've obviously got that already. Right?

#25 Posted by Hector (3346 posts) -

Get Walking Dead its only 400MS points and it's great! Save the other 400MS points for future use.

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Rock of ages because I'm different.

#27 Posted by Grimmrobe (199 posts) -

Section 8: Prejudice.

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Gatling Gears

Edit: Get it next time; Vanguard Games deserves money! :)

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Get a new gamertag.

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Isn't outland on sale? Go get that right now dude for 400 points! Way better than FEZ!

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'Splosion Man.  NOT Ms Splosion Man as that's cack.

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this thread should've stayed dead lol

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@Phatmac said:

Isn't outland on sale? Go get that right now dude for 400 points! Way better than FEZ!

I actually just got that and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Super stoked to play those...someday...when I'm not playing Diablo 3.

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Awesomenaughts that game is just alot of good Dota type fun. I know I know you got Fez it's ok to I guess.

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...Order a Pizza

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@Sufferthorn: First off, you replied to a 2 month old topic, and I don't believe Microsoft makes pizza.

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the walking dead

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Do not get FE...ohhh well..anyone else with 800 points to spends get the walking dead

#39 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

@WickedFather said:

'Splosion Man. NOT Ms Splosion Man as that's cack.


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Now buy a real Fez and wear it as you play the game.

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What would Kanji say...?

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If part of the XBL gold membership thing, look on the site as there's bunches of things on sale or at the 400-800 range. I'm sure you'll find something & if nothing else you can always just save points for later.

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Walking Dead, Both episodes. /Thread

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