Kinect & Xbox Vision cross-compatibility?

#1 Posted by TechParadox (22 posts) -

So now that the Kinect is out on the streets, has anyone tested it for cross-compatibility with games like Uno, Totemball, and Viva Pinata?

#2 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Maybe now we can see naked fat people playing UNO in higher definition than before..

#3 Posted by ProfessorEss (7581 posts) -

I tried using it with Viva PInata:TiP, didn't work.
Hoping there will be a patch either for the game or for Kinect to get that happening.
It's the only thing standing between me and an S-Rank.

#4 Posted by FlamingHobo (4514 posts) -

Someone should get on to testings this right away. Perhaps a certain site that details in testing?

#5 Edited by ptc (625 posts) -

Can someone with Kinect video chat with a friend that only has the xbox vision camera?

#6 Edited by _Phara0h_ (891 posts) -
@Azteck said:

" Maybe now we can see naked fat people playing UNO in higher definition than before.. "

And in 3d....
I think it's stupid you cant use the Kinect for NFS hot pursuit and Burnout: Paradise that uses the kinect  .
#7 Posted by TechParadox (22 posts) -

Well, it's a bummer that there isn't cross-compatibility at this point. I picked up a copy of VP:TIP for cheap the other day and have hunted down the cards for use with it, but don't have an XBox Vision camera (or a Kinect yet, but that's another matter entirely). Looks like I may have to spend a few extra bucks and pick one of those up to get the most out of the game.

#8 Posted by goldenpp72 (5 posts) -

Just fyi, the vision camera support in viva pinata is AWFUL, i used to have a vision camera and to get a card to work took ages, such a terrible gimmick. 
I'm sure kinect would work a lot better, shame it doesn't work at all.

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