Kittens ate my headset

#1 Posted by Lockeyness (229 posts) -

This is what's left of my Xbox Live headset. A trio of kittens mauled it like a fragile little bird. Before I buy another one, I thought I'd get some recommendations from the community. I'm not looking to throw $100 on a headset, no matter how great it is. After all, look what happened to my last one.

I guess I could just buy another "regular" headset, but I'd prefer something that can withstand a few hits before dying and hopefully something a little more comfortable considering how large my dome is. I don't normally use my headset with competitive gaming unless I'm playing with some friends, but I'm gonna need one anyway! I do enjoy buying frivolous items for the Xbox. After all, I even have a chatpad. It doesn't get a lot of use either, but the grips are more comfortable!

#2 Posted by big_jon (6180 posts) -

Fuck cats.

#3 Posted by themangalist (1853 posts) -

Just cuz they're kittens doesn't mean you can't kill them.
... I'm a horrible person I know.

#4 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

Since the headset plugs into your controller, it's unlikely they attacked it while you were playing. I'd advise keeping temptation away from animals that will instinctually play with/attack it when you're not using it. Additionally, it might be worth going with a wireless set for just that reason. Don't bother with any of the expensive gimmick headsets for the 360. you're obviously using speakers, so you're just using it for communication. Anything that doesn't hurt your ears (ie, anything that isn't an in-ear) should be fine.

#5 Posted by Gamer_152 (14297 posts) -

That sucks. I don't know a ton about headsets, but I agree with Branthog that it might be better to keep the headset away from pets in the future.

#6 Posted by Entreri10 (477 posts) -

Thats cute, the most my cats would do to mine would be to leave little bite marks in the foam parts. I'd say just to get a regular one and put the additional money to something else instead.

#7 Edited by Mats (135 posts) -

Welcome to the club. We have one cat and she has managed to gnawl through a bunch of headphone- and mobile phone charger cables:P You can only hope to hide those things for so long.... White cables her favorite; wonder if she is trying to tell us something?

#8 Posted by James_ex_machina (913 posts) -

Sure…and the dog ate your homework.
Look if you don't want to chat on XBL then just say so.

#9 Posted by ShaggE (7223 posts) -

I don't have cats, but this is why I'll never let my rats free-range while I'm gaming. Rats plus wires equal sure destruction.

#10 Posted by big_jon (6180 posts) -

I just got a wireless headset, it does not work... I would not buy one.

#11 Posted by Doctorchimp (4171 posts) -

My roommate's cat is vicious.

I've probably gone through 3 headsets and numerous cables because of that thing.

The last time I had a headset that thing pounced at my chest and ripped the cable from the speaker.

Just buy those wireless 360 mics.

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@big_jon said:

Fuck cats.

I think bestiality is illegal in most countries.
#13 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Cats are so great. Why do you all hate cats

#14 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

buy the cheap xbox 360 headsets.

#15 Posted by Evilsbane (5145 posts) -

@Gargantuan said:

@big_jon said:

Fuck cats.

I think bestiality is illegal in most countries.

Rofl and yea Fuck Cats.

#16 Posted by Lazyaza (2309 posts) -

I want to see a picture of 3 kittens "mauling" a head set SO BAD. Omg it would be the cutest shit ever.

Also as a general rule; don't leave anything with loose or dangly parts anywhere in reach of cats. You may as well put up a sign saying free cat toys.

#17 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -

My cat keeps stealing the pop guard off the microphone tip and hiding it under the sofa.

So yeah, cats are dicks.

#18 Posted by GinjaAssassin (165 posts) -

:Raises hand: Same happened to me. Damn cat...

#19 Posted by JeanLuc (3799 posts) -

Oh god this was all apart of their master plan to take over!!

#20 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

How cute were they?

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I have the old SteelSeries attachment and use my external mic with it since I use headphones. I think they have a new one that's way better since it lets you increase the voice volume since it's kind of hard to hear with the way the Xbox mixes voice with game audio.

#22 Posted by benspyda (2122 posts) -

My cat loves chewing through wires to get my attention. I lost a pair of $200 headphones, a wacom tablet, multiple phone chargers, among other things to this goddamn cat. But he's lovely though so I can't hold it against him.

#23 Edited by bybeach (5185 posts) -

My 2 cats (one I've nicknamed Godzilla) don't do shit like that. They mouth cables sure..they do a lot of stuff to get my attention 
But first of all, headphones like penises are detachable. Put yours away(and remember where you put it). 
And I second, luv to see a photo of the 3 headphone maulers in action.

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