Looking for online co-op partner (on an Oceanic timezone)

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I was looking to find a couple of people interested in playing some online gaming over Live once every week or two.

I guess it's just part of getting older, but all of my friends I used to play online with have either canceled their Live accounts, don't have the time to play anymore, or our schedules simply don't sync anymore. I myself only have a fraction of the time I used to for playing games.

That said, if there is anyone living on oceanic time (I live in Australia) keen to play with someone (who is only partially a complete stranger) on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, just drop me a line. I mostly prefer co-op since I'm not really very competitive, and it'll help if you consider yourself patient, since I tend to screw up a lot (actually that's kinda half the fun for me - if your idea of a good time is failing on the same section in a level of Gears of War on the hardest difficultly setting over and over - I'm your guy).

Just because these threads suck without it - here is a list of games co-op I already own:

Gears of War Trilogy, Rainbow 6 Vegas 1+2, Dead Island, Dead Rising 2, Mass Effect 3, and like.. I dunno.. a ton of xbox arcade games too (seriously).

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Don't own many of those games, but add me on xbox live and hopefully we'll be able to play something :D (i live in Perth,WA)

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I'm in Tokyo, and want to go through GoW and I'm usually on playing Halo or whatever else.

Feel free to add me, ProfittOfRegret

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Might be a bit of dead post now but I have Dead Island and Dead Rising 2 if you want to play looking to play for fun more than achievement hunting though if you're interested my name is connor609.

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