Looking form 360 gaming buds

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whats up world? I'm new to the forums and as the title states I'm looking for some gaming buds for xbox live. just post ur gtag here and some of the games you play. ill start first.

gtag - mack n nina

games - bf3, gears 3, nba 2k12, fifa 12

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Welcome to the forum. I would sign up for a few sessions of Fifa 12, but my internet connection is incredibly poor and pretty much none of my games work online. I occasionally get lucky for a while, but in something like Fifa a good connection is key.

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Yo! I'm also looking for a couple of new friends that are actually WILLING to play some games together. 
At the moment i mostly play MW3 and Forza 4 (drifting sessions) :P 
Feel free to add me but shoot me a message if you do. Otherwise i'm gonna decline the request. Thanks!

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