Microsoft Won't Be Discussing New Hardware at E3

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The title pretty much says it all, but it's not like people didn't already expect this to be the case. Xbox 360 is still very much alive, and I don't think Microsoft really sees Nintendo as the same playing field of competition when it comes to consoles.

Were you expecting to see anything? Do you think the Xbox 360 can stay relevant all the way to June 2013...and even into 2014 when the console would most likely launch?

*EDIT* So apparently, I was late to this. Someone already made a General Discussion...using "Xbox 720" in the title. Explains why it didn't pull up in my search. -_- Anyways, shut this down, mods.

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Seems like the right time to at least tease a new xbox. Kinda tired of this generation. I want to see some new consoles and get excited again.

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It's, at earliest, two years out, and I'm sure they're still trying to push the 360 so waiting until next year is probably a good idea.

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The next xbox won't be coming out for at least two more years so I don't see why they would.

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As exciting as it would be, I kind of figured they still have another solid Holiday season left with Halo 4 due to come out. Just like last time, Halo 2 came out and the 360 had its big reveal at the next E3.

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