My controller squeeks.

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So I have two 360 controllers.

One its sticks are really loose, and on the other, the one i'm using mostly these days. It's right analog stick makes a loud squeek whenever i pull the stick down.

So is there a fix for either of these problems without potentially ruining the controller. I'd prefer not to buy a new one as next gen is soonish, and controllers are fairly expensive. I'd rather get a new game than a new controller.

Both controllers are several years old, maybe even 5+ years old. Are they just worn out?

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Open it up, apply WD40 to the analog stick joint to stop the squeak.

The only thing you can do with loose sticks is replace them, which takes some soldering.

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I have a squeaky shoulder on a barely used xbox 360 controller. People give the Ouya controller sass for that and I've never held one, but I'm not so sure its an isolated problem.

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